Fall 2011

The Fall 2011 Boy Scout Campout was held on September 16, 17 & 18.  194 scouts were registered along with 71 adults.  This year was special because the P-51 Red Tail Mustang was on-site along with the CAF Red Tail Traveling Exhibit.  Scroll down to see pictures of the event. Pictures by RWillaman

Friday Night Check-in and Setup

Scouts setting up camp. Each Troop picks an area to set up for the weekend.  



Two of the merit badge stations

Saturday night get together for the scouts. Weekend report.

Kim gives the report and a encouraging story about his son and scouting.  Ralph Lynn WW II B-24 pilot talks about his days in the bomber.
Bob Withee talks about his WW II P40 and P51 days.                                               Don Block talks about his WW II B-26 days. 

Don Block talking about  Lighter Than Air.    Ken Ramsay talks about how scouting helped him in the military training.

Last troop to clean up and  take down the colors.