Spring 2011

A pilot program was developed by MAPS Members to create an event for the Boy Scouts that would focus on the requirements for the BSA Aviation Merit Badge.  The Girl Scouts happened to have planned an event at MAPS for the very same day.  The two events were combined for both organizations with great results.  (Pictures by Rick Willaman)

MAPS Members inspecting Gary Haught's Warning Siren used to change mod's at the event.

Another MAPS Member Group, WWW, Women With Wings provided the training to answer, how does a plane fly and what are the forces on a plane in flight.  Both ladies did a wonderful job of engaging the Scouts, all were impressed.  Gaye Wohlin coordinated several station assignments with the WWW ladies.  Thank you ladies.

The Skymasters are a group of MAPS Members who love to fly tethered aircraft for speed and aerobatics.  They were included in the event to demonstrate the art of flying these types of airplanes.  This was very impressive and well received by both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

This was the build and fly station.  Dale Davis, a new MAPS Member who has a great scouting background headed up this area.  A model was constructed from a Styrofoam plate and flown in the adjacent grass field.

The Boy Scouts camped in the filed that is being mowed by the tractor that Allen Swain and Joe Miller purchased last fall and rebuilt during the winter.

Bruce Balough took his airplane out of the hanger to demonstrate the proper way to perform a preflight.

Terry Harriman demonstrated the Fox Hole Radio display that was created by Rick Willaman.

The Boy Scouts retired the colors for the evening.

The evening program began with five speakers.

Ken Ramsay, a MAPS Director, Eagle Scout and F-100 Pilot, talked about the way that a plane flies.  Then he talked about his experience in survival school.  His scout training was invaluable there.

Bob Williams talked about Lighter than Air, Blimps and Airships.

Bob Withee talked about his experiences in New Guinea, Manila, Okinawa, and Japan.  Bob flew P-40's and P-51's.

Ralph Lynn talked about Man's Love of Flight.  Ralph flew 32 missions in B-24's over Germany and occupied France.

Kim Kovesci talked about a desire to achieve, not to give up, to do things with Honor and Class.  He talked about his son who is currently serving on the USS Ronald Reagan in the Persian Gulf as a Naval Flight Officer on the F-18 Super Hornet.