Restoration to Show Bird

RB-1 was a twin engine aircraft but to be able to take it on the road it was modified to a single engine.
Not having an engine for it, Rick decided to replace it with a ceiling fan to free spin.
The outside of the plane looks great but the
 years in the field took a toll on the frame.
Rick decided to paint the RB-1 the color of the water bombers
After finding out the whole bottom nose to tail was rotted out painting was not finished.

RB-1 (Show Bird) is now in good hands. They are planing, also have the skill to completer the work.
New crew looking over the Show Bird and Wings.
 Josh and Robert working on the Wings.                     03DEC11                                                Working on fuel tank.

Show Bird out of the weather.                                  27DEC11              Ready for restoration for 2012 parades.

Josh working on the rusty frame to be replaced.                                      Wes, Mat, and Josh winding up to work on the BR-1
                                                                           Dec 31                                                                                                                                                                                                               

New rudder is installed.                                                 21JAN12               Josh said they will restore the paint job as it was.

Show Bird gets a replacement frame.                      04FEB12                            New skin being installed.

Josh Working on the new skin.

  Josh in the background. 
Robert putting wood putty on the tail fin
Shane and robert working on the tail fin
 mike and tim taking off ribits
                                                                                                                robert installing the new tail fin
tim screwing in the bottom of the tail fin
            mike grinding nails off the tail fin
Josh and crew doing a great work on the parade plane.
andrew cutting the back fin off to shorten the span
andrew cutting the other back fin