Holly get her wings.

Here is part of the Crew that put Show Bird back together.

Up, down and under they go. Installing new skin and frame. 
The rotted out skin and frame on the bottle from being abanded in a field.

Holly get a new bottom and sides.
They rename 'Show Bird" to "Holly".

The crew figured out a way to hold the wing on her side.

The push is on to get her ready for the parade coming up.

Ideas come together as the crew gets her ready.

Next time you see Holly she will be a proud aircraft here at MAPS.
Some one say the 356 Fighter Group?

I am happy  Josh and crew took the plane over. I just have too many things going on.
Taking pictures is just a small part. Posting them here and on the internet take lots of time. 
Also the videos to show off what is happening at MAPS. 
Great job! RB-1 Crew!

Every where you look there are aircraft restoration going on.

What is great are the youth who are taking the interest in the restoration.

She is taking shape..

Just inside the one big door the work goes on.

Carl helping out....

There isn't much dust settling when they are in action.
Thanks Crew!

Holly takes shape to show her beauty.

Wings painted and ready.

Prop installed.

Josh and Dad working hard.

Placing the right wing on Holly.

Mom helping to get the labeling done on the wings.

Dad helping out to get Holly ready for Monday.
They are both MAPS members.

Dad touching up Holly.

The young fellow (Josh) with the motivation to get a project done.

Josh said the aircraft will be done very soon.
If you are in the area of Green Monday. It will be in he parade.