Restoration before 2011

As is too often the case, when a part of an airframe is damaged or missing, often there is no option but to recreate, from scratch, the missing parts.  In this example, we're looking at internal ribs for the B-26 Marauder's ailerons.  These parts were either missing, or damaged beyond repair, so the restoration team had no choice but to recreate the parts from scratch.
 First, full size templates printed ...

 ... wooden forms cut & shaped...

... wooden hammers bend to shape, and ...

...finally, holes are cut (to lighten and strengthen the part) � Photo � James Kohan

working on attaching the new ribs back on the B-26 aileron � Photo � Rick Willamon

 B-26 aileron ribs starting to go back on the aileron � Photo � Rick Willamon

Restoration work on the B-26 co-pilot's seat.  The co-pilots seat ran on rails, to allow the
Bombadier to gain access to the nose compartment.  The last photo on this page shows (at left) the still-in-progress seat in place in the aircraft.  � Photos � James Ko � Photos � James Kohan

Engine mount back on the port (left) B-26 wing � Photos  � Photos � James Kohan
Left - Radio rack.  Right - Navigators table  � Photos � Kent Kleinkenecht

New ribs to go under the rebuilt stabilizer end � photo 0000" size="1">="1"> James Kohan

 MAPS Member Don working on new stabilizer end � photo r />

MAPS Member Don working on new stabilizer end � photo Steve Satchell

MAPS Member Kent patching one of the B-26's clamshell bomb bay doors � photo James Kohan

MAPS Member Kent patching one of the B-26's clamshell bomb bay doors � photo Steve Satchell

MAPS Member Jim painting one of the B-26 engine mounts � photo James Kohan

MAPS Member Bud working on one of the B-26 firewall units � photo Steve Satchell

B-26 engine nacelle as of 01 October 2006 � photo John Ashley

B-26 engine nacelle - Cleco's are holding the pieces together until riveting � photo Gary Haught

What is a Cleco?  A Cleco is a spring-loaded fastener used to temporarily hold two pieces of sheetmetal together until they can be permanently joined together, usually by riveting or bolting.  Mostly used in the aircraft building process, they also appear in racing when building up the race car exterior.

Using a pair of Cleco pliers to install a Cleco temporary fastener

B-26 engine nacelle interior - colored sections are completely new sheetmetal work � photo Gary Haught

B-26 engine nacelle exterior - ALL DONE! Most of the cleco's are gone � photo Gary Haught

Nose compartment of the B-26.  Note cockpit layout and limited access � photo Gary Haught