Air Academy review by JWS
The fall 2012 Air Academy came to an end last Saturday. While there were many sad faces as the final session ended, all of the cadets and their parents gave the project excellent reviews. The ten-week aviation centered class averaged 17 cadets per Saturday.
A big thank you goes out to MAPS members who added “real” learning to this endeavor by taking time out to share their expertise, including: Ken Ramsay (F-100 & SERE), Reed Kimball (radar, rockets and ATC), Josh Stiles (flight simulators), Carl Bergsneider (engines), Kent Kleinknecht (Voodoo restoration), Wayne Noall (parachuting), Keith Swinehart (C-47), Bob Hollis, Clay Taber and Dean Putnam (PT-19 restoration), Chris Duprow (helicopters), Tony Bistransky (T-37 restoration), Doc Nash (weather & spy planes), Dave Sanders (CAK operations & careers) and Jim Cameron (museum curator operations).
Outside experts included Jeff Shutic (Nordson), Dr. Daniel Jones (Lockheed Martin), Scott Garchar (FedEx), SSG Ubri (Ohio National Guard), Tom Wilson (UTC/Goodrich) and Jim Beringer (T-51).
A special thank you to Rick Willaman (for his Morse code session and crisis management throughout), JoAnn Sheridan (my big helper who kept the cadets orderly throughout), Bob Johnston (with gift shop orders), our librarians Barb Johnston and Betty Tober (for patiently working around us these past two months), Mrs. Cameron (for resurrecting our sense of humor each Saturday with a tremendous lunch), and Executive Director Kim Kovesci (for supporting this mission)!
Plans are currently being formulated for the spring, summer and fall sessions in 2013, so if you would like to participate, please e-mail me at Sheridan.john@mapsairmuseum.org and I will find a way to work you into Ohio’s finest………. and only……………middle-school Air Academy.