Aircraft Background:
First flown in 1965 after only 6 months of development, the Cobra is a combat development of the UH -1 Iroquois family. It combines the dynamic parts - engine, transmission, rotor system - of the original Huey with a new streamlined fuselage providing for a gunner in the front and pilot above and behind him and for a wide range of fixed and aimed armament system. First Combat service in Vietnam, June 1967.

Crew: Two
Powerplant: 1,100shp Lycoming T53-L-13 turboshaft
Length: (Rotors turning) 52ft 11in
Height: 13ft 5in
Weight: 6,073lbs

Max Speed: 219mph
Rate of Climb: ROC 1,230 ft/pm

ARMAMENT: typical)
One 7.62 multi-barrel mini-gun, One 40mm Grenade launcher both in remote turret. Also
four stores pylons for 76 rockets of 2.75 in caliber or Mini-gun pods.

Crew Chief: Brian Miller

Crew Chief's Update (Restoration Progress):
The Cobra is being readied for a new coat of paint