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Restoration Notes

Crew Chief: Kim Kovesci

Crew Chief's Update (Restoration Progress):
Port and Starboard lower wheel well doors mounted to airframe. Continued work on wing fold areas, focusing on mechanicals and missing parts. Completed work on speed brake area completed it is now 'closed' and lies flush with the fuselage underside. Continued work on weapons pylon access panels. Completed sanding of tail surface. Work continues on intake warning stripe on port side.

Both port and starboard wing tips mounted on the aircraft. Work continues on wing fold areas, identifying missing parts and looking to acquire them. Fabrication of access panels for the weapons pylons continues. Weapons pylons being prepped for painting. Work on speed brake area began. Sanding of tail section to remove improper unit markings started. Work on canopy area started. Missing canopy attachment part being fabricated. Sanded off improper 401 markings from front fuselage area, will be repositioned correctly after gray paint is applied. Work begins on intake warning stripe on port side.

Underside of both wing tips painted with two coats of gloss white. Tops of both Horizontal stabilizers painted with two coats of gloss white. Outer panels of lower wheel well doors painted with two coats of gloss white. No. 6 (Starboard outer) weapons pylon painted with two coats of gloss white. Misc. access panels for weapon pylons are being fabricated. Gun vent panel being prepped for painting.

Both wing tips primed completed. Work continues on Port wing fold area. Work on Starboard wing fold area completed. Sanding of horizontal stabilizers completed, both parts were primed

Sanding of both wing tips completed. Work continues on Port wing fold area. Sanding of horizontal stabilizers started. Primer and Paint identified and 1 gallon acquired.

Insignias were painted on Port and Starboard forward fuselage. Disassembly of Starboard wing fold area started. Sanding of Starboard wing tip underside continues. Sanding of Port wing tip underside started.

Horizontal stabilizers brought from storage. Work on air intake area completed. Port wing fold area components mounted, and port outer weapons pylon hung (supported by the wing fold mechanism. Sanding of Port wing tip underside completed, sanding of Starboard wing tip underside started.

Refueling probe and housing cleaned. Work continues on port wing fold area. Started work on cleaning / repainting air intake area.

Port middle weapons pylon mounted. Port flap mounted. Damage to nose section repaired. Starboard side cleaned with degreasing agent. Port wing fold area work in progress.

Starboard stainless steel exhaust vent repaired; starboard panel and fastener work started. Port side access panels restoration started. Installed gun barrels and gun access panel. Starboard inner weapons pylons mounting completed. Starboard flap mounted. Port inboard weapons pylon mounted. Tail cap temporarily mounted.

New Crew Chiefs are conducting parts survey and parts inventory in preparation for creating a restoration / work plan. While much of the work is cosmetic, or adding items back to the airframe, some preventative work may need to be done.

Patching and stripping of the wing fold panels is completed. They will be test fit on the aircraft this coming Saturday, then handed off to the Crew Chief for painting.

Work has begun on the A-7 wing fold areas again. Work is focusing on cleanup and paint prep. The patch for the wing fold panel was riveted, and is in the process of being prepped for painting.