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  For those of you who access Parent Portal to check your child's grades, please note the following codes. 
(This key applies only to my classes. Other teachers may have developed different keys.)

If there is a dot following an assignment title, that means the grade simply 
hasn't been entered into the computer yet.
If there is a zero, that means the assignment was handed in, but no credit was earned.
If there is an LI, that means the assignment was late or incomplete and earns no credit.
If there is an X, that means the assignment will not be calculated into the grade. (In other words, it will not count against the student.)
If you have any questions regarding this key (or anything else), please contact me at barderm@maplelake.k12.mn.us
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SUPPLIES for English 8 and 9
2 single subject notebooks 
pen - dark blue or black
2-pocket folder