For the first time ever, a parcel GIS map and database is available for San Mateo County. It is an ideal tool for people that deal with property such as realtors, developers, engineers, planners, and any individual that wants to know more about the environment around them.

This parcel map shows every individual lot of land and includes detailed property and owner descriptions. The parcels overlay aerial photography and are registered to numerous other layers includeing easements, condominiums, townhouses, street right-of-ways, hydrology, FEMA flood zone, wetlands, USGS quadrangles and digital elevation models, and much more.  You can find properties that meet any specific characteristic or you can select properties on the map and find out all the information about it.  This makes it easy to create your own custom maps based on the features you want.

This product is available now, and comes on two CD's.  Now you can have the kind of information on your desktop that only large agencies with million dollar budgets could afford. 



Very simply, this  super intelligent map that actually gets smarter the more you use it.  It will give you details about people, places, and things like no other commercially available map. You can also store your own information in it, link files to objects on it, and do detailed analysis on the contents. 

GIS technology provides a means of integrating information in a way that helps to understand and address some of the most pressing problems we face today. GIS helps to organize data relevant to problems and aids in understand their spatial relationships, thus providing a basis for making more intelligent and informed decisions. 

Almost all human activity is geographically oriented, i.e. something is here and not there, and if you can view these activities in a spatial perspective you can begin to understand how or why things are where they are.  On the other hand you can determine how or why to locate something in a particular place.  Most information about people and their activities is kept in lists or databases.  You can show that information in its geographical context, and you can begin to see valuable patterns. 

GIS meets the needs for describing, monitoring, planning, and analyzing objects and conditions.  It is the perfect tool for site analysis and selection, environmental studies and mitigation, feasibility functions, construction management, post-occupancy evaluation, and more. To do all these things you need easier access to the information. With a GIS, if access to this necessary information is not immediately available, you can be pointed to the source of the information just like a card catalog in a library. 

The goal of managing all this information is getting relevant answers from it. A GIS is the best information management, analysis, and display tool available. Many local governments use GIS for planning, zoning, property assessment or tax mapping, and land records, it is also used for public safety / emergency dispatching, disaster preparedness, non-point source discharge elimination, monitoring street cleaning frequency, tree trimming programs, neighborhood strategic planning, growth management, creation of affordable housing, and attracting new businesses (thereby creating new jobs). 

Our GIS package has made this information management tool a reality for anyone. Now the power of GIS can be included in your decision making tool kit.