Welcome to Fourth Grade!
        My name is Bill Falcone. I received my teaching degree from Wilmington University and this is my ninth year teaching fourth grade at JMT. I am married and have two children ages twenty-three and seventeen. In addition, we have the cutest black pug in the world, Oreo:) and a mutt named Lily. I am a Phillies and Orioles fan and I love Star Wars.

Fourth grade is a time when your children will grow and mature into independent thinkers. My goal for your children is to inspire them to enjoy school and to learn. My job as your child’s teacher is to be their educator (not their friend) and act as a role model for all students. The class will run with a firm yet loving hand. Your children are my extended family. As family members, each will have certain responsibilities and expectations to live up to. Respecting one another is a high priority in our classroom.

I know what it is like to be frustrated by a school environment. Each student has his or her own learning strategies, needs, and pace at which they learn. We will incorporate projects as well as technology in our classroom. 

I look forward to working with each of your children and welcome any input that parents have. I am available before and after school for scheduled conferences.  The success of your children is my utmost priority and I am fully committed to helping them gain a sense of accomplishment as we conquer the fourth grade together.  



“Impossible, nothing is.



Difficult, many things are.”


                                     Master Yoda