Team Teachers

Mr. Jarvis                      
          Special Education
     If you need to contact Mr. Jarvis:
Ms. Leeman                      
          Life Science
     If you need to contact Ms. Leeman:
Mrs. Makara       
          English Language Arts
     If you need to contact Mrs. Makura:
Mrs. Peterson                  
          Social Studies
     If you need to contact Mrs. Peterson: 
Mrs. Rogers                   
     If you need to contact Mrs. Rogers:

School Norms (to avoid discipline issues)

Students need to:
  • Be Prepared
  • Responsible for participating in Learning
  • Use Agenda
  • Display and Respect the 3 C's - Community, Citizenship and Character
  • Hallway Passes at all times- Use the sign out Log
  • Respectful of others, self and property

Aspen Parent Portal

Please remember to sign up for the Aspen Parent Portal.  It will allow you to see your child's grades in all of their classes.

Team Make-up/Extra Help Days

Extra help is always available on the Duke University Team after school.  Here are the days we stay.
Monday - Life Science
Tuesday - Social Studies
Wednesday - Math
Thursday - English Language Arts

We are also available on other afternoons by appointment. Have your child speak to us.