Mrs. Towle's Green 7 Language Arts Page
There will not be any homework this week 5/15 to 5/19
We will be doing Smarter Balanced Testing.
There will not be any homework this week 5/8-5/12

Progress Reports go home Friday 5/12.
Homework for the week of: 5/1-5/5 

5/1- Lesson 21 Vocabulary Definitions

5/2- Lesson 21 Vocabulary Word/Sentence Paper

5/3- Lesson 21 Vocabulary Reading Comprehension

5/4- Study for Lesson 21 Test

5/5- Lesson 21 Vocabulary Test

Lesson 21 Vocabulary Words: annihilate, contaminate, corrode, curtail, deplete, deteriorate, extinct, negate, rancid, and squander


4/17-4/21 There will not be Language Arts Homework this week. This is a great week to work on any make-up work.

Homework for the week of 4/10-4/14

Mon. 4/10- Lesson 20 Vocabulary Definitions

Tues. 4/11- Lesson 20 Vocabulary Word/Sentence Paper

Wed. 4/12- No Homework

Thurs. 4/13- Lesson 20 Vocabulary Reading Comprehension

Fri. 4/14- Study for Lesson 20 Vocabulary Test- Test on Monday

Lesson 20 Vocabulary Words:discard, dispel, disperse, displaced, disqualify, evict, excise, exile, extinguish and purge

Homework for the week of 4/3-4/7

Mon. 4/3- Lesson 19 Vocabulary Definitions

Tues. 4/4- Lesson 19 Vocabulary Word/Sentence Paper

Wed. 4/5 Lesson 19 Reading Comprehension

Thurs. 4/6- Study for Lesson 19 Vocabulary Test (Flashcards for 10 bonus points)

Fri. 4/6- Lesson 19 Vocabulary Test

Lesson 19 Vocabulary Words: buttress, defensible, durable, fortify, invigorate, potent, quell, recalcitrant, resistant and valor


Homework for the week of 3/27-3/31

Mon. 3/27- Lesson 18 Vocabulary Definitions

Tues. 3/28- Lesson 18 Vocabulary Word/Sentence Paper

Wed. 3/29- Lesson 18 Vocabulary Reading Comp. Paper- "The Battle Over Working Conditions"

Thurs. 3/30- Study for Lesson 18 Vocabulary Test

Fri. 3/31- Lesson 18 Vocabulary Test

Lesson 18 Words: belittle, envelop, exploit, facilitate, forsake, impair, inflict, inhumane, rehabilitate, and rejuvenate


Homework for the week of 3/20-3/24

Mon. 3/20- Lesson 17 Vocabulary Definitions

Tues. 3/21- Lesson 17 Vocabulary Word/Sentence Paper

Wed. 3/22- Lesson 17 Vocabulary Reading Comprehension

Thurs. 3/23- Study for Lesson 17 Vocabulary Test

Fri. 3/24- Lesson 24 Vocabulary Test

Lesson 17 Vocabulary Words: agile, dawdle, distort, itinerary, mobilize, modify, quiver, recede, supplant and traverse


Homework for the week of 3/13-3/17

Mon. 3/13- Lesson 16 Definitions

Tues. 3/14- Snow Day

Wed. 3/15- Lesson 16 Vocabulary Word/Sentence paper

Thurs. 3/16- Lesson 16 Vocabulary Reading Comprehension

Fri. 3/17- Review for Vocabulary 16 test (Test will be on Monday)

Lesson 16 Vocabulary: chic, debonair, disheveled, dowdy, drab, garb, ostentatious, rumple, unsightly and veneer

** We continue to work in class on our Research Project**

Homework for the week of 3/6-3/10

There will not be any homework this week. We have The Giver test Tuesday and will be working on a research project in the library the rest of the week.

Progress Reports go home on Friday.
Homework for the week of 2/21-2/24

There will not be any homework this week, however, this is a great time for students to complete and turn in any missing assignments.


Homework for the week of 2/6-2/10

Mon. 2/6- Lesson 14 Vocabulary Definitions

Tues. 2/7- Lesson 14 Vocabulary Word/Sentence Paper

Wed, 2/8- Lesson 14 Vocabulary Reading Comprehension

Thurs. 2/9- Study for Lesson 14 Vocabulary Test

Fri. 2/10- Lesson 14 Vocabulary Test

Lesson 14 Vocabulary Words: applicable, expedient, extraneous, functional, futile, obsolete, opportune, pragmatic, relevant and utilitarian


Homework for the week of 1/30 to 2/3

Mon. 1/30- Lesson 13 Vocabulary Definitions

Tues. 1/31- Lesson 13 Vocabulary Word/Sentence Paper

Wed. 2/1- Lesson 13 Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Paper

Thurs. 2/2- Study for Lesson 13 Vocabulary Test

Fri. 2/3- Lesson 13 Vocabulary Test

Lesson 13 Vocabulary Words: audible, coherence, digress, eloquent, garble, impromptu, orator, proclaim, reiterate and terse
Homework for the week of 1/23- 1/27

Mon. 1/23- Lesson 12 Vocabulary Definitions

Tues. 1/24- Snow Day

Wed. 1/25- Lesson 12 Vocabulary Word/Sentence Paper

Thurs. 1/26- Lesson 12 Vocabulary Reading Comprehension

Fri. 1/27- Study for Lesson 12 Vocabulary Test

Lesson 12 Vocabulary: adage, alliteration, allusion, anthology, epic, hyperbole, melodramatic, personify, pseudonym, and serialized
Homework for the week of 1/17-1/20

Tues. 1/17- Complete Identity Map and Paragraph if not completed in class.

Wed. 1/18- None

Thurs. 1/19- None

Fri. 1/20- None
Homework for the week of 1/9-1/13

Mon. 1/9- Lesson 11 Vocabulary Definitions

Tues. 1/10- Lesson 11 Vocabulary Word/Sentence Paper

Wed. 1/11- Lesson 11 Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Paper

Thurs. 1/12- Study for Lesson 11 Vocabulary Test

Fri. 1/13- Study for Lesson 11 Vocabulary Test

Lesson 11 Vocabulary Words: arboretum, aviary, botany, chameleon, cultivate, habitat, nurture, talon, terrarium and zoology

We are working in class on our Quarter 2 Writing Assessment this week.
Homework for the week of 1/3-1/6

There will not be any homework this week. We will start back up with vocabulary next week. I hope everyone enjoyed their vacation.
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