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Fri. 6/1                The students are in the process of analyzing fictional stories to identify the 9 traits                                of a hero.  We have read "The Story of Moses," "Perseus and Medusa" and                                              "Theseus and The Mintoaur."  Today, the students are viewing a short version of "                                 The Lion King" on  YouTube to study the main character and hero, Simba.  Next                                     week, the students will begin writing their essay for the Q4 district assessment.                                     They will write to Marvel to convince them of a new hero for their next comic                                          book.  They will choose from the 4 heroes we studied together in class. 

Thurs. 6/7              Awards Day Assembly 

Fri. 6/8                    PBIS Assembly

Fri. 6/15                   Last day of school for students!

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