The Parent Teacher Group (PTG) supports the Middle School at Parkside’s vision and mission and serves to enhance the educational and social environment of the school through effective activities and communications designed to support academic and financial goals. The PTG shares the core value beliefs of the Middle School at Parkside. The PTG does not actively participate in curriculum or school administration.
Next Fundraising Event:

$5 May Calendars
50% of proceeds go to the Parkside Food Pantry
More details to come

When can you join?

PTG meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm in the Library at Parkside.

Next Meeting:
Reschedule: Wednesday, April 5th at 6:30pm

Raise More Funds for Parkside

We are now accepting box tops for education to help raise more funds for your students. Please send your child to school with all of your box tops and drop off is located in the office. For a list of participating products, please go here.
Board Members

President: Tina Kelly

Vice President: Candace Veziris

Treasurer: Jessica Deleault

Secretary: Dawn Glynn

Technical Officer: Lauren O'Neil

Volunteer Coordinator: Dana Sousa

Boxtops Coordinator: Liane McNamara
Looking to fill these positions: Fundraising Coordinator & Donations Coordinator

Our Most Recent Fundraiser: Harlem Wizards

Amount Raised Coming Soon