Manchester Schools Booked for Summer

Click this link to learn more about the Manchester School District's summer reading program.  This site has a list of interesting books, activities, and a copy of the reading log that you will need to have for September.  Check it out Northeasterners!  #Booked4Summer

Southside hosted the second annual Color Run on Sunday, June 4.  Ms. Carlson and Faith had a blue, but fun time!

(Change Bio project to Balloon Car!!)

Balloon Cars
All students in the sixth grade at Southside should be bringing in their balloon car on Monday,
May 15.  I introduced this project before April vacation.  We have spent a day researching various models to get ideas for the theme, the wheels, and the body of the car.  I have uploaded the instructions and the points page.

Balloon car instructions page

Balloon Car Point Sheet

Dance on Friday, April 6 from 6-8pm.

This week (April 3-6) the 6th graders are taking the Smarter Balanced test.  Please help make sure that your child is ready--they need a good night's sleep, a good breakfast and a good attitude!  These expectations were discussed on team as well.  

As a reward for a job well done, we will be showing the movie, Pele--Birth of a Legend on Thursday afternoon.  This is rated PG.  A letter went home last week explaining this and giving parents the opportunity for them to opt out their child.  

basketball intramurals

Third Term!!
We are more than half way through sixth grade--can you believe the time has gone so fast??

Student of the Month
Congratulations to Justin  
Justin works hard, is kind and helpful to other students, and is always respectful to teachers.  Congrats, Justin!!

Parents:  Come out and support Southside at a fun (and funny) comedy night!
Friday, Dec. 2, 8:30

Video shown in Science class
Nov. 21
This should help you understand the homework better.  Remember, you need to summarize what is going on in the picture of the astronaut on earth and then when he goes to the moon. Use weight, mass, gravity in the sentences.

YouTube Video

Field Trip

Northeasterners are going to College!
On Monday, Nov. 7, the sixth grade will be attending an event at the NH Institute of Politics on the St. Anselm College campus.  The event will be focused on the election and the process of electing a new President.  After this, the students will be greeted by a St. A's student who will tour them around the campus.  A permission slip went home last week.  Please sign and return with the $3.00 cost (bus) by Nov. 1.  An extra copy of the permission slip is found below if needed.  We would like all Northeasterners to join us!

Copy of Southside Middle School Field trip

Engineering Day
October 18
We were very lucky to have two engineers join us for the day on Tuesday, Oct. 18.  Mr. Rotier and Mr. Gaylord taught us about what an engineer does and a bit about their background and projects that they worked on in their careers.  They then had our students build the tallest structure they could out of newspaper and tape. 
Awesome day of Science!

Bullying Prevention Day

Rockin' the Orange

YouTube Video

This video was shown to all Northeasterners today in preparation for the Bullying Prevention day being held tomorrow--Friday!

Dates to add to your calendars:
(might be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances)
 Progress reports distributedOctober 7 
Report cards distributed     Nov. 16 
Progress reports distributed Dec. 16 
Report cards distributed   Jan. 31 
Progress reports distributed March 10 
Report cards distributed   April 11 
Progress reports distributed TBD 
Report cards distributed  Last day of school, June 13 

Mrs. Nichols LOVES this comic strip!!  She thinks that every parent can relate to it!  It might be hard to read, but worth it!

Team T-Shirt Sale begins Tuesday, Sept. 27!

TShirt Letter

YouTube Video

This video was shown in Science class on Friday, Sept. 23.  I have posted it here in case a student wants to review the material. 

Wondering how to be successful on the Northeastern team? Read through and follow the team norms (expectations and rules).  

Team Norms

Team teacher emails:
Please drop us an email if you have a question or a concern.  Good communication is important to your child's success!
ccarlson@mansd.org   Language Arts
alandry@mansd.org   Social Studies
anichols@mansd.org   Science
cmnorton@mansd.org   Math

After school help nights:
Wednesday-Social Studies
Thursday-Language Arts
Please talk with the teacher prior to staying after school to be sure they are still available.  

 Sixth Grade  Open House

Wednesday, Sept. 21 at   6:30pm
Please come and meet the teachers and get an idea of how your child spends their day.

Parents:  Do you read the ZITS comic strip?  You might recognize your child!


Although we are not in the school building, we cannot stop the learning!!   Keep reading, observing, and questioning!  We look forward to seeing all our 2016-2017 Northeasterners in the fall as they come in for 7th grade.  Be ready--be readers!

Student of the Month: May
The team teachers handed out the last Student of the Month awards on the second to last day of school.  Emma S. and Caleb S. were recognized for being hard workers, respectful, and kind.  Emma has become a leader in classes and Caleb is very polite to teachers saying "Good Morning" and "Have a nice day".  Having good manners goes a long way in life
boys and girls!

Southside Retirees
Mr. Menswar and Mrs. Duffy Smith are retiring this year! Northeasterners wish them well as they learn to rock on their porch!!

March and April Students of the Month
Carter, Kenyang, and Abigail 
These students are respectful, hard working, kind to others during their school day.  We are proud of them!

Fisher Cats Educational Day
"Take me out to the ballpark, take me out to the field"
Southside is going to see the Fisher Cats!
The last day to turn in permission slips to the Advisory teacher is Thursday, April 6.  $6.00 and a permission slip!

Third Term Reports
Progress reports were distributed on Friday, March 10.   Report cards are expected on April 11.  Please sign the cover sheet and return to the Advisory teacher. 

Dance on Friday, March 10, 6-8, $6.00

National Engineer's Week
The entire sixth grade explored the world of engineering on Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 22-23.  We hosted two engineers for the day.  They helped us complete the task of extinguishing a candle using a mousetrap which is three feet away.  WOW!!  The students collaborated, designed, tested, revised, tested, and revised all with the hopes of being successful.  This activity simulates how an engineer creatively solves problems.  We all had a great time and had great success!!!

How many red tickets do you have??  The teachers are looking for quality work, kind and polite children, and helpful SMS students. 

Monarchs Educational Day
Northeastern had a good day at the rink!

On Thursday, our Northeasterners met Mr. Hedge, our Student Assistance Program counselor.  He explained that he runs groups to help students through difficult issues (divorce, peer relationship, family struggles, etc).  This is a voluntary program for the students run during the school day.  Mrs. Nichols encouraged the students to sign up for a meeting with Mr. Hedge to see if he could help them navigate through some of the rough waters middle school sometimes brings.  Parents, teachers, peers can all refer students to this program.  Again, it is voluntary but could be very helpful.

Displaying IMG_0718.JPG

     Student of the Month--Melody
Melody works hard, is helpful to other students and teachers, and is a kind person.  She always shows the Southside Three Cs..Character, Citizenship, Community
Congratulations, Melody!

Ms. Carlson and Mrs. Nichols have noticed something during lunch duty--we have very generous students!!  During lunch, the snack bar is open which our students enjoy.  Many times we have seen one student buying snacks (Baked chips, frozen treats, etc) for other students.  Sometimes a student will come back to the table with 4-5 snacks for everyone.  However nice and generous this is, do the parents know that this is where a portion of their money is going?  If so, great and thank you!

Science Project info!!

Metric System Advertisement project

2016-2017 Northeastern Team shirts look great!
Kadyn, Dominic, and Casey are showing their team pride!

6:00-8:00   $6.00
Students need to bring their school ID--they were just reissued a new one as many of them have misplaced their first one!

Northeastern Team Bullying Prevention Day
Friday, Oct. 7
Wear Orange!!  (bullying prevention color)
Across the country, and in Southside, students complain about being bullied.  Our team is spending the whole academic day trying to raise awareness of what to do if you are bullied, how to prevent it, as well as how to make Southside a safe place for ALL students.  A letter explaining our day and the movie that will be shown  was sent home on Monday, Oct. 3.  If  you object to your child watching the PG rated movie, Radio, please sign the paper and your child will be given an alternate activity to do for that part of the day. 
Image result for clip art bullying prevention
(only sign if you do NOT want your child to watch the movie, Radio)

Radio: Bullying letter

YouTube Video

Love Kid President!
What are YOU teaching the world??
Look for the AWESOME!

Picture Day is Wednesday, Sept. 28.
All Northeasterners will get their picture taken so look your best!  A flyer went home last week about buying the pictures.  If you haven't seen it yet, please check the bottom of
your child's backpack!!

Northeasterners are already hard at work with the Pre-Science assessment

Welcome 2016-2017 Huskies!!
Let's have a great year!

This is a copy of the 6th grade supply list that went home after Step Up Day with all incoming students.