We are getting ready for the 2018-2019 school year!
Here is the 6th grade supply list.  Shop the sales in August and be prepared in September!


Balloon Cars 2018

Balloon Cars- 2018

Fisher Cats STEM day at the Stadium was a cold, wet success.  Students enjoyed trying their hand at STEM activities as well as checking out a porcupine, a 30 lb rabbit, and a chinchilla.  Kids bought an enormous amount of cheesy nachos and French fries as well as souvenir hats, bats and capes.  Top all this off with a Fisher Cat win and it was a great day!

What do you have going on this summer? This sounds like a wonderful STEM opportunity right here in Manchester.  Scholarships are available especially for those who apply before May 15.!!  Click the link and check it out!

What is a Nor'easter?  Winter has until Wednesday and then it needs to be gone!!  Come on, Spring!

YouTube Video

Third term progress reports were distributed on Wednesday, March 14.   There was also information on how your child did on the IReady assessment tests (Math and Language Arts).  If you have any questions as to how to determine your child's report, please email the teachers for clarification.  


We have eight students who were accepted in to the ETS program (Educational Talent Search) run in conjunction with UNH-Durham.
These students will learn about the college acceptance process including what HS classes to take, study skills, what college life is like, and will conclude the year with a trip to UNH!
Congratulations to:
Anyah, Emma, Mark, Axel, Melisa, Joshua, Caitlyn, and Valentina

Student Government held an assembly on Valentine's Day that was enjoyed by all!  Ms. Carlson captured some of the action--Mr J helping Eric in the Hungry Hippo game!

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Our team will be following the Winter Olympics as well as having our own Olympic competition.  Each student randomly picked their country and will try their best to win as many "gold medals" as possible.  They will be showing good sportsmanship, good effort, doing well on homework, tests, etc.  Good luck to all the countries!
Cold season is here!
The PSG donated

tissues and Purell--thank you!

Quarter Three starts on Tuesday, Jan. 30
The students will be starting their new Unified Arts classes on Tuesday.  Report cards are due to be handed out on Monday, Feb. 5.  Please look for them!

Science Video
Mrs. Nichols showed this video in class on Friday, Jan. 26.  All the students took notes on this video.  We have already studied elements, but used this video as an introduction to compounds and mixtures.

YouTube Video

Atoms and Molecules in Science

YouTube Video

The week before vacation is a tough one! Mrs. Nichols decided to go with the flow!  In Science, we had a variety of review lessons (mass, density, volume) using candy canes.  Many students did not know how they were made so we "Youtubed" it!

YouTube Video

Student Government News
We are collecting for the Manchester Animal Shelter for the month of December.  Please bring any items that you can to your Advisory.   Here are some of the items that they are requesting:
Non Clumping Cat Litter
Wet Cat food
Dry Cat food bags
Paper Towels
Disposable Gloves
Hand wash Liquid Soap
Dish Soap
Laundry detergent (He)
Ziploc Baggies
Cash, Check, Gift Cards
Clean dog or cat toys
Plastic Spray Bottles

Young Adult author Jenn Malone visited with us and spoke about her journey to be a successful author.

Upcoming Events
Author, Jenn Malone visits SS: December 5
PBIS Assembly:  December 7
Drama Show:  December 8, 7:00pm
Band Concert: December 12, 6:30
Chorus Concert:  December 13, 6:30
Orchestra Concert: December 14, 6:30
Literacy Night: December 19, 6-8pm
Progress Reports:  December 20
School Resumes:  Tuesday, Jan. 2

White Tickets
Has a teacher "caught" you doing something extraordinary?  If so, you probably have a white ticket.  Fill it out with your name, team, and the teacher who gave it to you.  You will be entered into a monthly prize drawing.  We are know Southside is a great school, let's make it extraordinary by showing great character, kindness to others, respect, and hard work.  

Students of the Term
The team teachers chose two students who have been hard working, respectful, kind to all, and who have shown the Spartan 4 C's.
Congratulations to Kaylee Richard and Joaquin Chavez Romero.
The team teachers are buying them lunch (their choice--Taco Bell and Wendys)!

This video was shown in class on the difference between a qualitative and a quantitative observation.
Watch again in prep for the test on Oct. 26

YouTube Video

6th Grade Reading Challenge
The Fisher Cats want us to improve our reading skills!
On Friday, Oct. 6, the Fisher Cats' Slide came to visit and described a program that all 6th graders can take advantage of to win free tickets!  Read five books, record the names and pass in the form to the ELA teacher. 
Easy Peasy !!

Northeastern Team T-Shirt Sale
Order forms went home on Oct. 5 and are due back by Wednesday, Oct. 18.  The $10.00 shirts are not necessary but are fun to have to build team spirit, wear to assemblies, field trips.  If money is tight, please drop the teachers a note, perhaps we can help.

Thank you Parents for the super turn out for our Open House.  The team teachers are excited for a great year.   If you have any concerns, please email the teachers.  Our emails are listed below.

Tuesday, Sept. 26
5:00 Sixth grade team presentations
5:30-8:00 Community Forum in gym
7:00-8:00 7th and 8th grade team presentations

Southside is Selling Yankee Candles

The PSG is holding their annual fundraiser to raise funds to support our students.  Please consider buying one or two items.  We appreciate it!

The Sixth grade is going on a hike!
Our original dates for the end of September had to be postponed until Oct 18,19,20.  Northeastern will be taking on the challenge on Friday, Oct. 20.  Permission slips will be coming home soon.  


Dates to add to your calendars:
(might be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances)

Correspondence Approximate Date 
1stQ  Progress reports distributedOctober 6
1stQ Report cards distributed     November 8 
2ndQ Progress reports distributed December 15
2ndQ Report cards distributed   January 31?
3rdQ Progress reports distributed March 9
3rdQ Report cards distributed   April 
4thQ Progress reports distributed May 
4thQ Report cards distributed  June 

Mrs. Nichols LOVES this comic strip!!  She thinks that every parent can relate to it!  It might be hard to read, but worth it!

Wondering how to be successful on the Northeastern team? Read through and follow the team norms (expectations and rules).  

Team Norms

Team teacher emails:
Please drop us an email if you have a question or a concern.  Good communication is important to your child's success!
ccarlson@mansd.org   Language Arts
alandry@mansd.org    Social Studies
anichols@mansd.org   Science
cjutras@mansd.org     Math

After school help nights:
Monday-Language Arts
Thursday-Social Studies
Please talk with the teacher prior to staying after school to be sure they are still available.  


The teachers want you to go to the park, run around, play tag, ride your bike, read good books, sit under a tree and watch the clouds, sleep late, catch fireflies, eat ice cream and s'mores.  Have fun!


Image result for memorial day clip art

Southside Remembers and Honors
Southside held a very moving Memorial Day assembly this morning.  Members of the 8th grade explained to us about what the symbolism is behind the Empty Chair tradition.  They also used pennies to illustrate the number of deaths which occured in each of the 7 major wars in our country.  To hear each penny, representing 2000 lost lives, drop into the glass jar was very powerful.  Our gymnasium was silent and thoughtful.  Sweeney Post then donated a new flag for our front flagpole that had recently draped the casket of a WWII veteran.  His wife donated this flag and we appreciate the gift.  

Math Bowl 2018
We had great success with Southside's first Math Bowl.  All students participated during their own math classes.  The winners from each class then competed in the gym.  David Banks was the "last man" standing from our team.  Congratulations to all!

Math Bowl 2018

Testing Week
The sixth grade will be taking a standardized test on Monday, April 2-Wednesday, April 4.  Each day will have a test window of 2.5 hours max.  On Monday we will be testing for Reading, Tuesday, Writing and on Wednesday, Math.  We spoke with our students about getting to sleep at a good time, eating a breakfast, bringing a reading book for afterwards and doing their best!
Good Luck Northeasterners!!

Here is the video we tried to follow in class for the instructions for making a crane.  Good luck and patience!  This physical change is neat!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

An interesting example of a physical change

Students of the Quarter

Congratulations to Marianna and Axel!  They were chosen for our second quarter Students of the Quarter.  Marianna is the complete student--she works hard, is respectful and kind to all, and asks clarifying questions if she needs to.  Mrs. Nichols mentioned at the assembly that all teachers agreed that they have seen wonderful improvement in all areas of Axel's school day.  He is paying close attention in school, is a good tablemate at lunch, and tries his best.  As a reward, the teachers treated Marianna to lunch from Panera and Axel enjoyed McDonald's!  Congratulations!

Cool Runnings
Feb. 22
Today we showed the video, Cool Runnings (rated PG) as a culmination of our Olympic theme.  Based on a true story, this movie shows that with hard work, a little luck, all things are possible.

Talking to S. Korea!!
Friday, Feb. 16
Today our team had the best experience!  We got to facetime with a logistics coordinator for NBC Sports, Molly, who is working the Olympic Games.  Our students' behavior was amazing and they asked great questions.  One of the really fun things was Molly started off showing us the studio where all the hosting is done.  We also "met" Rebecca Lowe- the daytime coverage host who happened to walk down the same hall as Molly. Although we asked for a Southside shout out, I am not sure we will get it!
Go Team USA!  
Thanks NBC and Molly!

In case you lost the original, here are the symbols you should know for the test!


UGH--not the result we wanted    
Go Patriots!
January 31
Yikes, for the first time in 150 years, there will be a trifecta in the skies.  What does this mean?

YouTube Video

Science Project-due Jan. 19-worth a quiz grade.
I apologize that this picture is flipped.  I can't figure out how to flip the right side up but figured this was better than nothing.  

SSR (Silent Sustained Reading)
Southside has been participating in SSR everyday this year.  This 22 minute block directly before lunch requires the students to read--a chapter book, a newspaper, a magazine, etc.  We are looking to improve our school's reading skills with this block.  Please make sure your child has something skill level appropriate  to read daily.  Perhaps a trip to the city library is in order!

Happy New Year!!
Many students thought that today (Jan. 2) was the beginning of the second semester with new UA classes.  Not so!  The second semester begins on the 29nd.  It is that day when the new UA classes will begin.  There will not be a change to the core academic classes.  

Spirit Week
Monday:  Pajama Day
Tuesday: Crazy Hat/Sock Day
Wednesday: College Day
Thursday:  TV Character Day
Friday: Festive Friday
**For Pajama day, if you wear footie pajamas, you MUST wear some type of shoe.

Southside's Literacy Night Information
Please join us!

Winter Literacy Night

YouTube Video

Mrs. Nichols likes #15 and #2--how about you?

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you to the men and women who have served in our military.  We learned about the history of Veteran's Day and wrote letters of appreciation to our veterans.  These will be delivered to the veterans who live at the VA hospital here in Manchester.

Northeasterners are Allies to all
Our Bullying awareness day took place on Friday, Oct. 27.  The students made a button promoting bully free behaviors, discussed online bullying, learned about being an ally, as well as how to talk with a bully (looking at eyes, clear, strong voice, shoulders back).  We then watched the movie, Radio.  The teachers encourage all families to talk with their student about bullying and what to do.  We want all students to feel safe and welcomed on our team.
Here is a sample of the orange (National Bullying Awareness color) that our students wore that day.  

Our classroom got sponsored!!
Thanks Burlington Store #934 for donating $1000.00 in our name to Adopt-a-Classroom.  Mrs. Nichols can use this generous donation when buying new science supplies or equipment.  When you go into the store (777 S. Willow St) please ask for the Manager, Geoff, and thank him!!

Bullying Awareness Day
The team will be taking on the topic of Bullying on Friday, Oct. 27.  October is National Bullying Awareness month and all sixth grade teams will be hosting a special day devoted to this important topic.  The teachers will be teaching about cyberbullying, how to be an ally, what to do when you see bullying occurring. As part of this day, we will be showing the movie, Radio.  This PG rated film is based on a real life story about a developmentally challenged man and the town who eventually learned to accept and love him as he is.  Due to the PG rating, parental permission needs to be given.  A letter (see below) was sent home on Oct. 5 if you would like your child to opt out of the movie.  If you are okay with your child seeing this movie, please do nothing except talk with your child about the day.  

Radio: Bullying letter

Picture Day

Monday, Sept. 26 will be Picture Day here at Southside.  All students were given the order form last week.  Please return the order form whether you are ordering pictures or not.  It will help the process move along faster.  Here is the picture company's web address.

The Northeastern students went right to work in Science.

Field Trip Permission slip
Did your Northeasterner lose their hike permission slip?
Print a copy, sign it as well as sign on the back giving permission for the student to join us on neighborhood hikes to train.

Copy of Southside Middle School Field trip hike

Love Kid President!!
What are YOU teaching the world?
Look for the awesome!

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