Tuesday, Sept. 26
5:00 Sixth grade team presentations
5:30-8:00 Community Forum in gym
7:00-8:00 7th and 8th grade team presentations

Southside is Selling Yankee Candles

The PSG is holding their annual fundraiser to raise funds to support our students.  Please consider buying one or two items.  We appreciate it!

The Sixth grade is going on a hike!
Our original dates for the end of September had to be postponed until Oct 18,19,20.  Northeastern will be taking on the challenge on Friday, Oct. 20.  Permission slips will be coming home soon.  


Dates to add to your calendars:
(might be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances)

Correspondence Approximate Date 
1stQ  Progress reports distributedOctober 6
1stQ Report cards distributed     November 8 
2ndQ Progress reports distributed December 15
2ndQ Report cards distributed   January 25
3rdQ Progress reports distributed March 9
3rdQ Report cards distributed   April 4
4thQ Progress reports distributed May 11
4thQ Report cards distributed  June 12

Mrs. Nichols LOVES this comic strip!!  She thinks that every parent can relate to it!  It might be hard to read, but worth it!

Wondering how to be successful on the Northeastern team? Read through and follow the team norms (expectations and rules).  

Team Norms

Team teacher emails:
Please drop us an email if you have a question or a concern.  Good communication is important to your child's success!
ccarlson@mansd.org   Language Arts
alandry@mansd.org    Social Studies
anichols@mansd.org   Science
cjutras@mansd.org     Math

After school help nights:
Monday-Language Arts
Thursday-Social Studies
Please talk with the teacher prior to staying after school to be sure they are still available.  

Picture Day

Monday, Sept. 26 will be Picture Day here at Southside.  All students were given the order form last week.  Please return the order form whether you are ordering pictures or not.  It will help the process move along faster.  Here is the picture company's web address.

The Northeastern students went right to work in Science.

Field Trip Permission slip
Did your Northeasterner lose their hike permission slip?
Print a copy, sign it as well as sign on the back giving permission for the student to join us on neighborhood hikes to train.

Copy of Southside Middle School Field trip hike

Field Trip News
A letter went home today (Sept. 7) about our field trip to hike Pack Monadnock at the end of the month.  Did you get it?? If not, here is the copy.  Please respond by Monday, Sept. 11.

Hike interest letter

Love Kid President!!
What are YOU teaching the world?
Look for the awesome!

YouTube Video

This is a copy of the 6th grade supply list that went home after Step Up Day with all incoming students.  

Sixth Grade Supply List 17-18.doc