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Mr. Wade
Team Green 7
Social Studies
Room #272
Extra-help night: (Monday's)
E-mail: mwade@mansd.org

Homework for Friday, May 26th- complete either 'The United Kingdom' or 'Titanic' word search

Assignments for the Week of May 29th-June 2nd:

Monday (29th)- no school..........Memorial Day Holiday

Tuesday (30th)- read 'Australia', pages (178-181) and answer questions (#'s 1-5) on page 181

Wednesday (31st)- [hand-out]---'Map of Asia Questions', (#'s 1-33)

Thursday (1st)- study for the quiz tomorrow on 'Australia', pages (178-181; 222 and 223)

Friday (2nd)- 'Australia' word search