Team UNH


  Mrs. Sacco's Math Class!

2016 -2017
Room 122

I will write each days homework on the calendar below.  Homework is due the next day for 100% credit, unless the child is absent.  If your child is absent they need to ask me for the missing homework and it should be completed and passed in as soon as possible. In addition to  writing the homework on this website, I write it on the whiteboard in school for the week.  If your child is absent they can check on the board.  If there is a lengthy sickness, a week will be allowed for make-up work.  If your child forgets to bring their homework in, please encourage them to bring it in the next day for partial credit.  It's better to receive some credit  than no credit at all. 

Team UNH Math

Contact information:  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me through email, phone or note.

email -
Southside phone number - 603-624-6359
After school help - Wed. 2:25 - 3:15


Team UNH



We believe in Spartan Pride,

the importance of the golden rule,

The pride of being ourselves,

the integrity of hard work,

the courage to stand up for others,


we believe the thought of giving up is failure!

we believe learning is our own responsibility,

and we believe that tomorrow's success begins TODAY!

Typical Day:
Doors open at 7:15 am for Breakfast
Students admitted at 7:30 am
Classes begin at 7:35 am 
Lunches start at 10:02 am
School ends at 2:20 PM
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Class 7:35 - 8:21
Advisory 8:24 - 8:44
Class 8:44 - 9:32
1st UA 9:35 - 10:20
SSR 10:23 - 10:43
Lunch 10:43 - 11:08
Class 11:11 - 11:56
Class 11:59 - 12:44
2nd UA 12:47 - 1:32
RTI 1:32 - 2:22

  1. Students have been assigned lockers
  2. Locks are on sale for $5
  3. Phones are NOT allowed to be used in school!
  4. Picture Day, Monday, September 25th, 2017
  5. T-shirt forms and money due Friday, Sept 29, 2017.
  6. Field trip forms and money due Mon, Oct 2, 2017
  7. March 23, 2018 Students are starting their Advertising Project today - it will count as a test grade. The work will be completed in class, they are allowed to complete art work at home.