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Quarter 2- Solving One-Step Equations by Multiplication and Division

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Units of Study (Holt McDougal Book)
 Title Chapter/Section
 in the book
 Review solving whole number one-step equations by multiplying and dividing
Combining Like Terms
 Multiplying and Dividing Integers
 Solving one-step X/ equations w/ integers  
 Positive & negative decimals x/
 Solving one-step x/ equations w/ decimals
Positive and negative fractions x/3-9,3-10
Solving one-step x/ equations w/ fractions
 Introduction to Ratios and Rates4-1,4-2 
Scale Drawings
 Solving one-step inequalities
 Solving multi-step equations

  1. Quarter 1- Solving One-Step Equations with Addition and Subtraction
  2. Quarter 2- Solving One-Step Equations with Multiplication and Division
  3. Quarter 3- Statistics and Probability
  4. Quarter 4- 
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