January 17, 2017
Chapter Test on Thursday and Friday.
Learn your study guide and go onto Google Classroom to view links to reinforce what we have learned in class.
  •  Seasons and the Earth,
  • Landforms, 
  •  Panagaea, 
  • Weather and Climate
  • 5 Climate Zones

This year you will be exploring Map Skills, The famous discovered Iceman, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.
We will also be debating about the Voting Age.  Do you think our country should change the voting age or leave it as it is?
We will doing lots of writing, discussions, and group projects. I will try to make learning fun, interesting and we will be using lots of technology!
I hope you are looking forward to an exciting year, as much as I am.
Sit back, take a deep breathe and enjoy!