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Current Events

We are currently working on the assignments from chapter 3.  The students are studying minerals and their properties.  I will complete the binder checks for chapter three on Friday 1/27/2017.  The students will receive the Study Guide for chapter three on the 27th as well.  Our quiz for chapter three will be the following Friday, 2/3/2017.  The culminating activity for all of this work will be a Mineral Identification Lab.  Students will be given a variety of different mineral samples and conduct tests on each one to determine the name of each sample.  This lab will be completed in class over the course of the week of 2/6 through 2/10.

Team Expectations: 
  • Be sure to come to class on time and prepared
  • Try your best 
  • Raise your hand if you need help or have something to share
  • Be polite and respectful to teachers and students
  • Bring your free read book with you to all classes
  • Follow school code of conduct and classroom rules
  • Do your homework
  • Practice the 3 C's: Character, Citizenship, and Community

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