Miss Bouchard's

A look ahead...

In math we began our study of money.  We will be identifying each coin, penny, nickel, dime, and quarter.  We will also be adding like coins to $1.00.  The essential question we will be answering is: "How can knowing coin values help you count sets of coins? 

In writing we are working on our opinion unit.  The essential questions we will be answering are: "What is an opinion?" "How do we share opinions using evidence?" and "How do writers organize their thinking?"

In reading students will be given multiple opportunities to read and reread texts. Students will look closely at texts to deepen their comprehension.  We will cover comprehension strategies such as inferring, retelling, connecting to text, schema, and opinions. 

In science/social studies we are working on learning about weather.  We will read several books throughout this unit and learn about clouds, temperature, the water cycle, and define various weather attributes.  The essential questions we will be answering are: "What is temperature?" "What are some types of clouds?" and "Why is it important to know the weather?" 

Manchester School District - SAU 37

Our week of learning...May 13, 2016

Math: We have been learning about money. We learned to identify pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  We also learned to count these coins.  We have begun to count mixed coins, for example dimes and pennies, nickels and pennies.  We will wrap up our money unit this week.  

Writing: We continue to work on our opinion unit of study.  We read the book Duck Rabbit and decided if we saw a duck or a rabbit.  We also worked give 1-2 reasons why we think it was a duck or rabbit.

Reading: We read the book called A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Phillip Stead.  We studied the attributes of Amos.  What does he look like? What does he do?  How does he act?  As we answered these questions we began to understand the character in a deeper way.  A skill that is very important for growing as a reader.

Science/Social Studies: We began our weather unit/project this week.  We learned how to track temperature and weather and we are tracking these every day.  We have also learned about the types of clouds, talked about hot vs cold temperatures, and defined the attributes of different types of weather.