Welcome to the NYU Team Website!
Some of the NYU teachers are trying their best to acquire new resources through Donorschoose.org.  Please go on and see the projects that we are trying to have funded and donate if you can.  So far we have gotten 3 different novels to use with the students in LA and Science, digital scales for science class and some consumable art supplies and scissors. We have been very fortunate in getting funded so far and continue to aim for the stars to get amazing stuff for our students!  Please help us spread the word!

Below are the team email addresses if you need to contact a teacher for any reason.
                          Mrs. Brand - Language Arts  rbrand@mansd.org
                     Ms. Norton - Math  cmnorton@mansd.org
                     Mrs. Rocca - Social Studies   srocca@mansd.org
                     Ms. Zioze - Science  hzioze@mansd.org
                     Ms. Cunan - Special Education  scunan@mansd.org

Please make sure that your student is coming to class prepared each day.  Many students have been coming unprepared and do not have daily necessities with them such as a writing utensil, a binder, their agenda book, their textbook or their homework with them.  

The NYU Teachers welcome any and all donations. Items such as copy paper, tissues, paper towels, hand sanitizer, bandaids, cough drops and Lysol disinfecting spray, and classroom supplies are much appreciated!

Homework Information

Parents and Students:
When logging onto the NYU website, if you are looking for the class homework listings, you will need to click on each teacher's website (link above) in order to view them.