Mission and Vision

Highland-Goffe's Falls Elementary School shall provide an environment appropriate for students to achieve a mastery of basic skills, to acquire knowledge necessary to develop a positive self-image, and to foster academic progress along with social and personal growth.

Realizing that the changes in physical and intellectual development and growth vary widely among boys and girls, we shall endeavor to help students better understand and adapt to their ever-changing needs during childhood. This stage of development challenges us to help students overcome self-doubt and poor self-image, as well as a constant need to feel success, solidifying life-long values.


To provide the opportunity for students to develop and master those skills basic to full participation in society.
To provide a safe, quiet, and clean environment conducive to educational development and growth.
To recognize that reading, writing, and computer literacy are skills basic to success in our society. To understand the teaching of them is not restricted to any one academic disciplie but is, rather, a shared responsibility.
To provide students with remedial help as needed.
To develop a wide range of exploratory activities for socializing, as well as to develop interest and to enrich leisure experiences to use throughout life.
To constantly evaluate pupil progress and growth with emphasis on student achievement and success, according to individual ability.
To provide systems of communication for parents and students which will result in a better understanding of the school goals, enabling students to achieve in a positive manner--both academically and personally.
To help students think critically, logically, and constructively.
To promote in each student a sense of fair play in relationships with others, as well as a respect for others--regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, or national origin.
To develop in students a realization of--and an appreciation fo--individual abilities, as well as the abilities of others.
To help students recognize relationships between various fields, enabling them to apply common concepts across the spectrum of disciplines.
To promote social, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and moral growth, as well as physical health.
To make students aware of the need for guidance in planning personal, educational, and vocational growth.
To install a pride in self, school, and community.
To emphasize the value of effort and its rewards.
To develop an atmosphere for students to assume more responsibilities for their actions, as well as for the actions of others.