2016- 2017 drama

Advisor: Mrs. Nee -   Lights, Camera, Action!!

Drama club focuses on the Southside 3 C's
  1.  WE are our own community but we also give back to the community through our performances.
  2. WE show citizenship on a daily basis.  WE help each other with lines, blocking, and dance moves.  WE are here to lean on each other and support each other to create a performance that shows our Southside pride.
  3. WE show character.  WE are our own cast of characters, but we also show character by treating each other with respect and dignity.

              WE are Southside's Drama Club!!


Until further notice drama club will only be on Thursdays until 4;00.  If there is a snow day then there is no drama club that week.  If there is a delay than there is still drama club.

If there are unexpected changes I will post on here and make a school announcement.

There will be NO DRAMA today, Friday...April 6, 2017

Rehearsal Schedule

rehearsal schedule