School Gallery - Take a peek.

Native American Totem Poles

Klimt-inpsired Figures - 2nd/3rd

Dine-inspired LOVE - K/1st

Picasso-inspired Portraits - 2nd/3rd
Snowy Neighborhoods in Collage - K/1st

Robert Indiana-inspired Color Blocks - K/1st

Pop Art Positivity! 2nd/3rd

Penguins with Personality 'n Pizazz

Paul Klee-inspired "Castle and the Sun" - K/1st

Giuseppe Arcimboldo-inspired "Imaginative Portraits" - 4th/5th

Paul Cezanne-inspired Apples - 2nd/3rd

Art/Math Integration - Personality Cubes Pop - 4th/5th

"All Hands In!"