Artists at Work

Photos here are updated regularly!  Enjoy a glimpse of our amazing artists at work.  I am lucky to have technology available for instruction.  Kiddos respond! We make use of a Chromebook, TV, and an Elmo-on-loan in the Art Room.  It's always a balancing act with one 45 minute class each week, but we ensure there is a healthy dose of observation, discussion and plenty of time to get our hands dirty.  Once instruction has been given, instrumental music is played.  Artists have learned the expectation that "when the music is on, voices are off."  Always a work in progress, but we aim for a peaceful setting.  I love to see how craftsmanship  improves as the chit chatting fades...

Week of January 22nd

Week of January 8th

Week of January 1st

Week of December 11th

Week of December 4th

Week of November 27th