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In NH as well as in many other states one must serve an apprenticeship prior to taking the electrical journeyman exam. The NH Bureau of Electrical Safety and Licensing is the agency responsible for licensing electricians.

All apprentice electricians must be employed by a master electrician and registered with the NH Bureau of Electrical Safety and Licensing. All electrical installations performed by an apprentice electrician must be directly supervised by a journeyman or master electrician. Apprentices are required to carry an apprentice identification card issued by the Bureau. This card must be renewed each year.

To be eligible for the journeyman licensing exam an apprentice electrician must provide documentation of 8,000 hours (approximately 2000 hours per year) of practical work experience in the electrical trade under the supervision of a journeyman or master electrician and a minimum of 576 hours of apprenticeship related instruction over four years. Documentation showing a minimum of 150 hours per year of related instruction is required for apprentices as part of the application process for the exam.

Apprentices who have signed an Apprentice Agreement with their employers and are registered with the State Apprenticeship Advisory Council may submit their record of work and classroom hours to the State Apprenticeship Council secretary to receive a Certificate of Completion recognized across the country.

The journeyman electrician examination is administered at the Richard M. Flynn Fire Academy in Concord on the third Tuesday in January, April, July and October. Applications to take the exam are due at the NH Bureau of Electrical Safety and Licensing office six weeks prior to the exam date.

In May 2000 the NH Electricians' Licensing Board made registration of electrical apprentice programs with the State Apprenticeship Council voluntary for employers. As a result, some electrical apprentices work for employers whose apprenticeship programs have not been approved or registered by the NH State Apprenticeship Advisory Council.

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