3rd Trimester

Important Upcoming Events

Monday, May 16th: Field trip to the SEE Science                 Center (Ms. Prince, Miss Foley, and Miss                 Boardman)
Tuesday, May 17th: Field Trip to the SEE Science                  Center (Mrs. Kiley, Miss Dulac, Miss                      Bouchard)
Friday, May 27th: Jump-A-Thon: 1:00-2:30


Throughout the Third Trimester the first grade students will be participating in several units of study.  They will be participating in Opinion/Persuasive literature, Author Study, an introduction to Animal Fantasy and Folktales, and poetry.  During this study, the children will be reading modern fantasy (animal fantasy, science fiction), picture books, newspapers, magazines, online reviews, legends, and poetry.


Throughout the Third Trimester the students will be working on a Geometry Unit of Study.  By the end of this unit the students will be able to distinguish between defining attributes of a shape (how many sides, corners, faces...), create two and three-dimensional shapes, and divide circles and rectangles into 2 or 4 equal shares.  Here is an example of some of the vocabulary words you might here the children talking about;
Attribute: A characteristic of something (color, shape, size)
Vertex: A point where 2 or more straight lines meet
Fraction: Part of a whole


Throughout the third trimester the students will be writing reviews, opinion/ persuasive pieces, and poetry.  The students will be asked to write an Opinion/Persuasive letter, a research based argument paper, and share a Response to Literature and write about their favorite book /author.