House Info

Welcome to Our Shore House

We are committed to making your vacation enjoyable and want to fix anything we can to make it that way.

If there are any issues or if you have any questions, please contact us or the realtor you booked through.


Please remember that the house is NON-SMOKING and PETS are NOT ALLOWED.

The password is posted on the refrigerator in the rules/info.

Checkout:           10:00 AM      please lock the doors and put the keys back in the lockbox when you leave (or return to your local realtor)

                 All we ask is that you straighten up, take out the trash, and put things back where you found them.
Run the dishwasher before you leave, we’ll empty it.
We’re coming to vacuum, mop, and clean anyway.


Please place all Trash in the outside containers behind the shed.

  Trash containers should be placed on the front sidewalk on Sunday and Wednesday nights for collection. 
  Containers should be brought back behind the shed the next morning after collection.

  A spare gas tank for the outdoor grills is located behind the shed, please don’t throw it out.


Glass, plastic, paper, metal, and cardboard should all be put in the recycling containers, mixed together.

There is a trash can under the sink that you can use inside for items to be recycled.

Recycling should be placed in the orange, yellow, and blue containers outside.

Please don't put trash bags in the outdoor recycling, put the items in the cans loose.

Recycling containers should be placed on the front sidewalk on Wednesday night with the Trash.
Containers should be brought back behind the shed the next morning after collection.


There are automatic outdoor sprinklers that run in the early morning.  Please don’t leave anything near the lawn that you don’t want to get wet. Close any car windows on the driveway.

The driveway is for the occupants of the First Floor ONLY.

Outdoor Showers:

The Shower by the 1st floor deck is for the 1st floor occupants.

The Shower under the stairs is for the 2nd floor occupants.

Shared Washer/Dryer:
The washer & dryer are located under the outdoor stairs and are for use by both floors.

Air Conditioning:
                  The A/C is set to 71 when you arrive.  
                 Please turn it off if you open any windows.

                 Please don’t set below 68 – the house won’t cool any faster at a lower setting.

 Use the ceiling fans for better cooling.

Circuit Breakers:                
                 If a breaker trips, the breaker box is in the kitchen behind the chalkboard/corkboard.


 If you find anything particularly good or lacking, please let us know in the guest book or via email. 

                We are constantly looking to improve our house.

If you enjoyed your stay, a positive review on the website you booked through would be greatly appreciated: Feedback.

Thank you very much for renting our place.
We hope you have a wonderful vacation.

Hope to see you again next year.

Ed & Trish Mann