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Unit Structure

Name E-mail Address
INSP (NPCC) Sulaiman Zainal sulaiman_zainal@moe.edu.sg
Deputy Officer-in-Charge
INSP (NPCC) Darul Ellia darul_ellia_zulkarnain@moe.edu.sg
Teacher Officers
A/ASP (NPCC) Mohd Ibrahim mohammed_ibrahim_md_samsud@moe.edu.sg
ASP (NPCC) Hafiz Khan hafiz_emran_khan@moe.edu.sg
INSP (NPCC) Maryanty Mohtar maryanty_mohtar@moe.edu.sg
Ms Jurana Binte Abdul Rahim jurana_abdul_rahim@moe.edu.sg
Mr Ahmad Zulgaffar ahmad_zulgaffar@moe.edu.sg
Honorary Officers
H/ASP (NPCC) Chua Seng Howe chuasenghowe@yahoo.com
H/INSP (NPCC) Pang Jiun Khai pangjiunkhai@mjrnpcc.com
P/H/INSP (NPCC) Jeremy Ho jeremyho@mjrnpcc.com
P/H/INSP (NPCC) Chan Wei Xin chanweixin@mjrnpcc.com
Cadet Inspectors
CI (NPCC) Joey Lai joeylai@mjrnpcc.com
CI (NPCC) Tan Ying Tong tanyingtong@mjrnpcc.com
CI (NPCC) Lee Xiu Qi leexiuqi@mjrnpcc.com
CI (NPCC) Saravin Koh kohsaravin@mjrnpcc.com
CI (NPCC) Cho Choon Hock chochoonhock@mjrnpcc.com
CI (NPCC) Lim Jia Ying limjiaying@mjrnpcc.com
CI (NPCC) Celine Tan celinetan@mjrnpcc.com
CI (NPCC) Dexter Yim dexteryim@mjrnpcc.com
P/CI (NPCC) Tan Yi Xuantanyixuan@mjrnpcc.com
Volunteer Instructors
Mr Hermun Goh hermungoh@mjrnpcc.com
Mr Toh Chun Chuan tohchunchuan@mjrnpcc.com
Mr Wong Xuan Jun wongxuanjun@mjrnpcc.com
Cadet Leader Key Appointment Holders (AY 2016/17)
Overall-in-Charge SGT (NPCC) Nurul Arina Omar
Assistant Overall-in-Charge - Training SGT (NPCC) Lee Wei Ling
Assistant Overall-in-Charge - Administration SGT (NPCC) Nurul Syahindah Osman
Assistant Overall-in-Charge - Logistics SGT (NPCC) Ong Phng Liang
Assistant Overall-in-Charge - Events and Welfare SGT (NPCC) Tan Yi Xuan
All information is accurate and up-to-date as of 13 November 2016