Technology Team

The information technology group provides technology services for the MPSD students, faculty, and administration.

Andy Knickelbine • Network Administrator
Multi-Service Center
Phone: 920-686-4727 
Email Andy Knickelbine

Alec Dose • Computer Technician
Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison
Phone: 920-663-9422
Email Alec Dose

Todd Pamperin • Computer Technician
Lincoln, Monroe, GED02, Clarkbridge
Phone: 920-663-9682
Email Todd Pamperin 

Sharon Wallander • Computer Technician
McKinley, Jackson, Riverview, Wilson, Stangel
Phone: 920-663-9274 
Email Sharon Wallander

Jessica Deprey • Data & Technology Specialist
Lindbergh Office
Phone: 920-686-4744
Email Jessica Deprey

Wade Wagner • Intern Computer Technician

Derek Muck • Intern Computer Technician

Hailey LeClair • Youth Apprentice

Curry• Youth Apprentice

Web Help Desk

The online help desk allows you to submit a request for help.  Login to the help desk the same login and password as your computer and email.  

Technician Schedule

Franklin Alec   
Jackson  Sharon  
Jefferson  Alec
LincolnToddTodd ToddTodd/Float
Madison    Alec / Float
McKinley    Sharon / Float
Monroe  Todd  
Riverview Sharon   
Stangel   Sharon 
Lindbergh Office