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Teacher Website Guidelines

Teachers of Manitowoc Public School District are invited to create teacher websites. These websites must reflect the professional image of Manitowoc Public School District, its employees, and students. The purposes of these websites are to:
  • Educate: Content provided on the website should be usable by students, teachers, and parents to support the curriculum. It will introduce visitors to your class and programs. 
  • Inform: Content may inform the community about the school, teachers, students, or departments, including information about curriculum, events, class projects, student activities, and departmental policies. The site will link to valuable academic resources. 
  • Communicate: Content may provide an avenue to communicate and share successes with the community. 
This document outlines the roles and responsibilities for publishing web content within the Manitowoc Public Schools. All district employees are expected to read and follow the guidelines stated within this policy. All content published on our websites will observe all federal, state, and copyright laws and regulations and remain the property of the Manitowoc Public Schools.