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Printer Usage

The District implemented the PaperCut print management system to measure printing costs, eliminate waste and avoid misuse of school resources.

How do print limits work? Staff and student are given a monthly printing limit. At the start of each month, your PaperCut account is replenished. If you go over your limit, you will not be able to print. You may submit documents to the Multi-Service Center for printing. You are not charged for this printing.

How much can staff print? Most staff have a $25 per month limit with an accumulation up to $50. Some positions require additional printing to comply with state agencies. These positions will be have larger limits. However, we will ask that you print to black & white devices or send print jobs to the Multi-Service Center whenever possible. $25 is enough to print over 800 pages to a black & white printer per month. You can stretch your printing further by taking advantage of the highly efficient Multi-Service Center.

How much can students print? Students may print up to $10 per month with an accumulation up to $20. All student print jobs will include a watermark on each page to indicate who printed the document.

What does it cost to print?




Color printer

$0.15 per page/side

These are the most costly printing devices. Please print to these devices sparingly.
NOTE: Color printers use color ink even when printing grayscale documents.

Black & White printers and Copiers

$0.03 per page/side

This includes printers that are exclusively black and white printers.

Black & White to the Multi-Service Center

No Cost, except for special printing, special paper, or binding requirements.

The printing devices at the MSC are extremely cost effective. The actual cost of printing is below $0.01 per page.

Color to the Multi-Service Center

$0.08 per copy, except for special printing, special paper, or binding requirements.

This is similar to printing B&W documents to the MSC.

Why am I being charged $0.15 when I print a black & white document to a color printer? Color printers user color ink when they print grayscale documents. This is a blend of colors called “composite black” and achieves significantly better image and smoother gray tones. That is why color ink toner runs out – even if you only print grayscale documents.

How will I know which printers are color vs. black & white? Printers are named accordingly on the network and should have a label. The printer naming scheme is building followed by department or room number followed by Printer type & model i.e. LHS-133-HPCLJ4600 is a printer at Lincoln in room 133 it is a color printer as indicated by the ‘C’ in the name LHS-203-HPLJ2055 is a printer at Lincoln in room 203 it does not contain a C in the naming scheme so we know it is a black & white printer. When in doubt ask your building tech for the lowest cost printer in your area.

How do I print using the Multi-Service Center? Every site has print request forms available. Include a completed form with a copy of your document and send to the Multi-Service Center via interoffice mail.

What do I do when I need help? Please fill out a Web Help Desk Ticket for all things printing or papercut related.

Every building has print request forms available. Include a completed form with a copy of your document and send to the Multi-service Center via interoffice mail. Or, you may email your document to Cindy Hatfield or Sherie Peterson in the printing department.

How can I check my balance?

You may login to the PaperCut server to check your balance. To login use your regular network user name and password. From this dashboard you can also see your print history and printing rates for district printers.
Jessica Deprey,
Feb 6, 2018, 8:58 AM