Discovery Education Streaming

What is Discovery Education Streaming

Discovery Education Streaming Plus is a comprehensive digital service that motivates students to learn and helps teachers in every content area to transform their instruction. Containing thousands of standards-aligned resources, Streaming Plus provides you with the tools to teach your students to think critically about the content they use, see, and experience in their daily lives and to ask questions about the world around them.

How to Login

Discovery Education Streaming now allows us to login using your school Google account.  This means you have one less username and password to remember.  All students grades 1-12 are setup in Discovery Education using their Google account.  Anything you saved in your account should still be available.  Here are the steps for logging in:


1.       Navigate to  

2.       Enter your email address and Google password.

3.       If your username is not recognized, please contact Help Desk for assistance.

Student Resources

Did you know our Discovery Education Streaming service comes with access for all of your students? Students have their very own ‘My DE’ landing page where they can access assignments, digital content and save their favorite resources. With the capability to assign resources to a class or individual student, the flexibility and ease of use should make this a ‘go-to’ resource for every lesson plan.

The student-centric features include:

·  Board Builder: This new tool is a platform for students to create digital story boards using media resources within and outside of Discovery Education. With approval and sharing features this multi-functional tool opens up a world of possibilities.

·  Assignments – This is where students can see homework and resources their teacher has assigned.

·  Games – Interactive games are available to students.

·  Get Involved – Programs, contests, interactive games, puzzles and activities are listed here from Discovery Education. This section will be organized by grade level (K-5, 6-8, 9-12).

The Classroom Manager tool allows you to:

·  Organize your “classes” within the Discovery Education service in a variety of ways: group students with similar learning styles/ abilities or by class period

·  Differentiate learning with the ability to assign digital resources to an entire class or individual student Login as a student to see what they see

·  Build assignments, quizzes, writing prompts and review results by student or by class summary

Students may login by visiting and using their Google username and password.  A link will be added to all Chromebooks.  Some students will not be able to login until later this week as student accounts are still being created.

Online Training for Discovery Education

Through a series of easy-to-follow video tutorials and downloadable step-by-step instructions, these Interactive Training Courses have been developed to guide you through the service and showcase integration strategies.   We encourage you to take a look at these during your professional development or lesson planning time.

·  My DE (Discovery Education): Whether you are brand new to Discovery Education or looking for new ways to maximize your experience, this Board has been developed to guide you through new and dynamic features.

·  Digital Integration : You know the ins and outs of Discovery Education and are now ready to dive deeper into the intentional and effective integration of Discovery Education's digital resources.

·  Student Experience: learn how your students can access Discovery Education's resources, to assign and push content to your class, how students can become content creators, and how to get more involved in the conversation through our Discovery Student Network blog.

·  DE Builder Tools: You are using Discovery Education resources, and your students have logged in too. Now you're ready to take it one step further with the strategic delivery of digital assignments.

·  Assigning Content with Social Studies TechbookAssigning content to students enables fast access to materials, minimizes distractions, and creates opportunities for tracking completion.

·  Discovery Education Community: Learn more about the free events and webinars offered to support your current Discovery Education service!