Student Devices

In 2014 the Manitowoc Public School District launched an initiative called "1:World," which puts a laptop in the hands of every student in grades six through twelve. This Chromebook is for school and home and opens a new world of learning opportunity.  

We value quality instruction as a foundation while providing access to technology to further enhance the potential for learning.  We work to develop our students into self-directed critical thinkers who follow their passions, develop new lines of inquiry, and create meaningful works that have value beyond school.

Computer parent contract

Families are asked to sign a contract that defines the expectations associated with using a device at school.  The most recent contact is available in this document.

  • Student is expected to adhere to the district acceptable use policy.

  • Understand the Chromebook is district property and access to it is a privilege.

  • The district monitors how computers are used while at school.  The parent or guardian is responsible for monitoring student use at home.

  • Families are responsible for theft, loss, or damage.  Insurance is available to help offset the cost or loss and repairs. This document describes the cost of insurance and repair for a device.

Getting Started on your Chromebook

You will find the Chromebook to be different than your home Mac or PC.  Here are some general tips for using your school device.

Connect your device to WiFi

Below you will find instructions for connecting your Chromebook to the network. You may find additional help by contacting your library media manager or specialist. Information about connecting to your home WiFi is available here.

  1. Open Chromebook (it should turn on within 10 seconds. If it does not turn on, press the power button) *Do Not Log In to the Chromebook*
  2. Open the Wi-fi settings by clicking the Wi-Fi icon by the clock in the bottom right corner.
  3. Choose the network entitled “MPSD-WiFi”
  4. Change the EAP Method to “PEAP”
  5. Change the Phase 2 Authentication: “MSCHAPv2”
  6. Change the Server CA Certificate to “do not check”
  7. Enter your Identity (username you use to log into Windows computers)
  8. Enter your password (Windows password, NOT the Google password)
  9. Everything else can be left to the default settings
  10. Click “connect"
  11. Log in to the Chromebook with your Google username and password.

Manage your WiFi connections

Google provides these instructions for managing your WiFi connections. This includes automatically connecting, setting prefered networks, and forgetting networks. This is handly for "forgetting" the BYOD network.

Printing from a Chromebook at home

We are not able to fully support your home environment.  However, Google does provide information about printing from home on a Chromebook.

Using a Chromebook without internet

Chromebooks are designed to used with an internet connection.  However, modern Chromebooks allow you to work on a document while offline.  This document describes how to use your device while offline.

How are broken devices repaired?

During the school year students bring their Chromebooks to the school library to be serviced.  They will receive a loaner to use while their device is being repaired.

During the summer you may bring Chromebooks to the district multi-service center (MSC) for repair.  Please contact Sandy Busse at (920) 686-4720.  The MSC address is 1820 S. 30th Street in Manitowoc.  You will receive a loaner device to use and receive a phone call when your device is ready.

Insurance and repair cost

We ask student to care for the devices they use.  Families have the opportunity to purchase insurance on the Chromebook when it is assigned to them.  This document describes the cost of insurance and repair for a device.

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