My name is Ms Fiecko – and I look forward to working with you as you move through this challenging class. First of all, let me congratulate you on deciding to take a demanding class. I promise to challenge you to think, read, and write. If you need to reach me outside of class, you may call my school phone: 920-663-9354 or email: Additionally, we will use a class Facebook page (Fiecko’s Fantastic English).


Student Responsibilities: As a student of Accelerated English 10, I expect you to adhere to the policies of Lincoln High School, as outlined by the Student Handbook. Further, Accelerated 10 English is a class designed to prepare you for college level work and learning practices. There will be homework. You are responsible for outside reading and writing assignments. We will learn from each other. Therefore, it is imperative you are prepared each day to participate. 

HOMEWORK POLICY – All assignments need to be turned in on the day they are due.

Most of your work will be done using Google Docs and Google Classroom. This allows you to work on your papers outside of class. Having said this, due dates will be a specific date and time – usually midnight on the day it is due.

If an assignment is more than a week late, it will be worth no more than 50% of the points, but that does not mean you will automatically get 50% of the possible points available.

READING ASSIGNMENTS – As previously stated, this class is designed to prepare you for college. There will be reading assignments for homework most nights. Often the next day’s class will include a reading quiz. If you choose to ignore the readings, you will not be able to participate in class discussion and you will set yourself up for failing the class.


Each day, you are expected to be seated at your computer when the bell rings. You are expected to remain seated until the bell rings indicating class has ended. There will be no lining up at the door waiting for class to end. Also, you will need to have your passbook/QR Code to leave the room.

If you miss a class for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to get the missing work. Please do NOT ask for your missing work during class. It is disruptive to everyone.

Plagiarism, cheating, and collusion are prohibited. Students who fail to observe

these standards are subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to earning a grade of 0 points for an assignment or failing a quarter or semester. Further, it is expected you will do your OWN work. It is awesome when parents and siblings proofread your papers, but it is NOT awesome if they do the writing. This is considered cheating – see the above consequences.


As your teacher, I commit to communicating openly with you about this class. I will maintain a professional, safe learning environment adhering to the policies of the Manitowoc Public School District. To promote continued learning, I will grade and return papers/projects within a reasonable amount of time. It is my goal to return all papers within two weeks of the due date.

GRADING POLICY: The grading policy for this class is as follows:

94% - 100% = A             78% - 79% = C+             60% - 63% = D-

90% - 93% = A-              74% - 77% = C               59% and Below = F

88% - 89% = B+             70% - 73% = C-

84% - 87% = B               68% - 69% = D+

80% - 83% = B-              64% - 67% + D


You will need a notebook, pens/pencils, and anything you feel will help you remain organized.

Finally, Because you have your own laptop, you will be expected to bring it to class, fully charged though we may not use it every class period. When laptops are not needed for the class period, you will be expected to keep your laptop closed. If this is problematic, you will be asked to keep your laptop in your backpack/laptop bag and not visible.