Natalie Hlady

Natalie Hlady has been teaching for sixteen years in the Sunrise School Division. She has spent 12 of those years teaching a variety of different multi-age classrooms within the early years level. Natalie has provided teachers in Manitoba with training and supports for the K-4 Science Curriculum. She has also been a part of Sunrise School Division's Early Numeracy Team for the past 7 years. The last seven years has been a journey for Natalie. She has learned a great deal through readings, workshops and collaboration with colleagues about what "best practises in Early Years Mathematics education should look like. Natalie has been trained in "The Power of Ten" and Math Recovery. This past spring she also joined the mRLC's Math Cohort. One thing about Natalie is that she is always asking questions. Noting that multi-age does not always look the same in every school, Natalie took her quest to Australia to see what it looks like there, as that is where a lot of the research on Multi-Age has come from.