Karen David

Karen’s career includes 20 years teaching in Early and Middle School classrooms and 10 years as an Elementary & Middle School Program Consultant.  Currently she is consulting on K-12 literacy projects in Manitoba and the Middle East.  Much of her Professional Development service has been devoted to the areas of early literacy development, the reading and writing process, comprehensive literacy, formative assessment, literacy planning and literacy coaching. 

Karen has served on numerous writing teams including the provincial ELA Curriculum and ELA Assessments teams, the TD National Reading Project and numerous Sunrise Division foundational projects such as teacher and student reading and writing continuums.  She is a member of the writing team for Literacy Place for the Early Years and Moving Up with Literacy Place, the first comprehensive literacy programs written for Canadian teachers, published by Scholastic Canada.

Karen believes that all students can reach their potential with significant time and support by teachers who are learning all the time, growing in their ability to articulate both what they do and why they do it.  
To contact Karen please email karen.david.55@gmail.com or call 1-204-345-2814.