John VanWalleghem

John VanWalleghem consults in educational administration and student services and operates Education Solutions Manitoba for promoting educational consultants. For 38 years he taught in public schools and universities and administered with Winnipeg School Division, Manitoba Education and the Manitoba Council for Leadership in Education.

Believing that educators must manage and make sense of their own learning, John is committed to professional growth through relationships, coaching and mentoring. Knowing that he grew tremendously by seeing good teachers and administrators in action and hearing their thoughts about what really works, he hopes to extend similar opportunities to today’s educators.

John understands the struggles associated with inclusion. He learned student services as an educational assistant, special education teacher and administrator. As coordinator of the Special Education Review Initiative, he helped develop Manitoba’s commitment to inclusion and policies on appropriate education. Now the challenge is ensuring that our teachers and administrators have the skills to achieve those directions.

John’s doctorate in Education followed studies at the Universities of Idaho, Wisconsin and Manitoba. He values learning gained as a continuing volunteer with professional and community organizations and remains an adjunct professor at the University of Manitoba.

He is married, father of two, an aging athlete and keen traveler.

To contact John, email or phone 204-250-5330.