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Board of Directors

Carolyn Cory

Carolyn Cory has been an educator for almost 30 years and is currently in her third year as Superintendent of Southwest Horizon School Division.  She has worked in a variety of capacities including Student Services/Curriculum Coordinator, Resource Teacher, Guidance Counsellor, Reading Recovery Teacher, and classroom teacher from K-12.   Carolyn holds a Bachelor of Education as well as a Masters of Education from Brandon University.  As a rural educator and resident, Carolyn believes whole-heartedly in the power of collaboration, shared leadership and the strength of rural communities.  She highly values the work of mRLC and looks forward to new opportunities. 
Carolyn’s term ends in the spring of 2022.

Scott Hill

Scott Hill is the Assistant Superintendent of Evergreen School Division.  He has previously served in a variety of roles in public education:  teaching in the classroom, guidance counseling, consulting, and school administration.  Scott holds a Masters Degree in Social Foundations of Education and has a strong belief in democratic renewal as the primary purpose of schooling & education.  He values collaboration and inquiry within and beyond our schools, so that our students become able and willing to make the world a better place.                                                                                                                 Scott’s term ends in the spring of 2023.

Tyler Moran

Tyler Moran is the Assistant Superintendent of the Interlake School Division. Tyler’s experience in public education includes learning in the roles of teacher, consultant, and school administrator. He holds a Masters Degree in Leadership and School Improvement with a focus on professional learning for educators and believes that the collective efficacy of our citizens is primary to the health of our communities. Tyler is a father, a husband, and an active member within his community. He looks forward to continued engagement with the mRLC in support of the sustainability of public education in rural communities.
Tyler's term ends in the spring of 2021.

Suzanne Cottyn

Suzanne Cottyn has been an educator for 23 years and is currently the Coordinator of Curriculum and Assessment for Mountain View School Division.  Suzanne's experience in education has included both urban and rural experiences in a variety  of roles, including that of a multi-grade early years teacher, literacy support teacher, Reading Recovery teacher, resource teacher, and a K-6 administrator.  She recently completed her Masters in Educational Administration, where she focused on understanding how a shared commitment towards system excellence can support and nurture change within the human system of education.  Her desire is to see everyone, everyday, demonstrating a spirit of excellence as we work together to serve children.
Suzanne's term ends in the spring of 2022.

Lisa Shackleton

Lisa Shackleton has been an educator for 24 years and currently the Strategic Initiative Learning Coordinator for the Portage la Prairie School Division.   Her role within the division involves both student services and curriculum supports.  As a teacher and resource teacher, her experiences have ranged from Kindergarten to grade twelve in both French Immersion and English programs.   Additionally, she has had opportunities and experiences to work collaboratively with many teams of educators including Educational Assistants, Teachers, Administrators and Department Consultants.  Lisa has served as a coordinator, facilitator and as a participant of many professional learning experiences involving a variety of curriculum areas, assessment and instruction, and collaborative practices to support students with special challenges.  She is excited about the future of education and looks forward to creating opportunities for teachers to continue to learn together to meet the challenges and celebrate the successes of all students. 
Lisa's term ends in the spring of 2021.

Ralph Mason

Ralph Mason is a professor of education at the University of Manitoba, where he has been a teacher educator for 22 years.  Before that, Dr. Mason taught for 22 years in British Columbia and Alberta in K-12 classrooms and in teacher education programs.  For Dr. Mason, joining the mRLC Board of Directors is a real honour.  He sees it as a chance to support teachers as learners, and to foster the growth of school mathematics into a deeply meaningful opportunity for all participants to become resilient and capable learners.
Ralph's term ends in the spring of 2022.

Candy Skyhar

Candy Skyhar is currently an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of  Education (Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy) at Brandon University. She is passionate about teacher education as well as the provision of effective and meaningful teacher professional development, particularly for teachers in rural contexts.  As an educator who taught in three different rural Manitoba communities over her 20-year teaching career, Candy both advocated for equity for rural teachers, and worked towards the improvement of professional development opportunities available to educators.  Her Ph.D. research, which built on her previous work as a PD committee chair and part-time  Numeracy Coach, examined possibilities for developing contextually responsive PD models that mitigate challenges divisions and teachers face with regards to providing and accessing meaningful PD. In her work at Brandon University, Candy teaches courses focused on teacher identity, instructional methods, and mathematics education. 
Candy's term ends in the spring of 2021.

Jonathan Toews

Jonathan Toews is Assistant Superintendent of Border Land School Division. Prior to assuming this role, Jonathan served as principal of W. C. Miller for 6 years, as vice-principal for 3 years and ELA teacher for 3 years. Jonathan has an additional 14 years of classroom experience in contexts as diverse as a private school in central BC to a teacher’s college in China to elementary and high school experience in northern BC. Jonathan believes that collaboration is key to effective school leadership and has sought to embed the principles of professional learning communities into the school culture at W. C. Miller. A strong belief in the power of lesson design and in the need for on-going reflective conversations about practice have lead him to implement classroom the Walk-Through as a part of his school leadership framework. Serving with mRLC is an opportunity to grow professionally and be part of a broader conversation about education in rural Manitoba.
Jonathan's term ends in the spring of 2021.

Lesley Eblie Trudel

Lesley Eblie Trudel has been successfully involved in public education in Manitoba for over thirty years.  She has held positions ranging from instructional to administrative, working with diverse populations in both urban and rural settings.  Lesley is a former Assistant Superintendent of Schools who recently joined the Faculty of Education at the University of Winnipeg.  Lesley has a keen interest in organizational learning and systemic change, as it pertains to diverse and inclusive educational communities.
Lesley’s term ends in the spring of 2022.

Kayla Moore

Kayla Moore has been a trustee in the Fort La Bosse School Division since 2018.  As a rural resident, Kayla believes in the importance of collaboration and communication to support students, teachers and parents in small schools.  Kayla is passionate about education; she completed her PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Manitoba in 2020 and holds a Certificate in Higher Education Teaching.  Kayla works as a Resource Technician for the Assiniboine West Watershed District, and has a strong understanding of the practical applications of mathematic and literary skills needed in our communities.
Kayla's term ends in the spring of 2023.