Research Projects

1.2.1 Numeracy Achievement Project 

The mRLC Numeracy Achievement Project mandate is to develop a process for positively impacting the capacity of numeracy educators to effectively improve student achievement in Mathematics. The specific intentions include

· To improve the numeracy achievement of students at the grades 6 and 9 level

· To further develop the instructional and assessment practices of teachers

· To ensure school leaders know and can implement their roles as numeracy instructional leaders

· To further develop numeracy coaches so they are better able to provide quality numeracy support

· To determine the effectiveness of the professional learning model on student achievement
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4.1 Action Learning Schools (formerly School Self Review)

Action Learning Schools are focused on the good work of improving teaching and learning. The intention of this work is to provide practical hands-on support to schools to develop their capacity to effectively collect and use evidence and in turn, take actions that improve student achievement in reading, writing and mathematics.

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4.2 Rethinking High School

The mRLC is committed to support rural schools in addressing the unique challenges facing rural education. In this instance, we are focused on rethinking our approaches to high schools. All teaching and learning factors are on the table for discussion. Our intent is to network teachers who want to do innovative action research in this area. Such learning could spark more widespread application across rural Manitoba.

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