Executive Team

Lynda Matchullis 

Lynda is the Numeracy Director of the mRLC. As a curriculum specialist, she has focused the majority of her 30-year career on quality professional learning within rural education systems. Her work has included teaching in various K-12 classrooms, coaching teachers, helping educator teams grow their leadership skills, implementing divisional programming, developing provincial curricula, facilitating workshops throughout the province, and writing for various educational publications. Her passion is supporting student and teacher learning through systemic change.

Eileen Sutherland 

Eileen is the Executive Director of the mRLC and one of the co-founding members of the organization. She has over 35 years of educational experience ranging from early years to senior years, along with leadership experience both at the school and divisional levels. Her work as a consultant in high school improvement and experience as a curriculum leader have all contributed to her depth and breadth of understanding around teacher and student learning. Her passion for innovation and learning continues to drive all aspects of her life.

Anna Scerbo

Anna Scerbo is the Administrative Assistant of the mRLC.  Having held positions in the education, health, and financial industries, she has over 27 years of experience providing administrative support to senior level management. Her work has included data management, budget and financial reporting, event planning, scheduling, calendar management, and procurement. Her passion is working together to achieve a common goal.