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Learning During the Pandemic

NEW January 26, 2021 (Open Access)

Grades K-4 Remote Learning with Shauna Cornwell - Session 3 posted on January 26th

Whether you're teaching in your classroom or having to reach remotely, this webinar is chalked full of useful and practical ideas for use in any classroom with a focus on...

Prioritizing Building Community and Relationship, Pedagogy, Planning & Practice During Instruction, Planning & Practice Assessment and Tools & Resources

Within webinar 3, Shauna links participants to useful resources and software programs for easy use and provides a brief overview of the new Manitoba Remote Learning Framework Primer.

March 25, 2020

Teachers share 7 ways to maintain relationships whether your students are working remotely or in a blended format. The strategies range from virtual tables to using parents, to reimagining the morning meetings. The site takes 10 minutes to read and is chalked full of great ideas for any grade level.

Dr. Ritchart believes thinking routines can be a very useful tool during this time of distance learning. He highlights two that are particularly noteworthy, the first called Take Note: responding to prompts after they have read, watched or listened and the second Peeling the Fruit Routine: a way of engaging students in an independent inquiry. This helpful graphic guides the work.

"Ron Ritchhart has been a researcher at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education since 1994 where his research focuses on understanding how to develop, nurture, and sustain thoughtful learning environments for both students and teachers."

Taking a moment to energize yourselves as learners is a necessity, not simply something I should do but I have no time! Taking time to refuel lifts our professional spirit. The Manitoba Chapter of ASCD is hosting a speakers series: Teaching in the Time of Covid, January 19 - February 23, 2021. It's cost-effective and is offered outside of the school day. Check it out!

Session #4, the final of 4 sessions, focuses on building community and relationships, student engagement, and finally shifting from blended to remote. Shauna brilliantly reminds us of the importance of teaching, thinking and student engagement - voice and choice through inquiry and assessment. In many ways, the session provides a springboard to an abundance of invaluable resources that would be effective, no matter how you are asked to approach teaching.

"Your life is an occasion...rise to it." - Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Session #4 serves to remind us and to teach us that staying healthy during the pandemic must be on our agenda and must be built into our classroom experiences. Beyond that, Warren supports the user with useful tips and tricks and a few strategies that making going virtual after the holidays both doable and manageable. Taking time to ensure students are ready to move to remote learning before they leave for the break enables a smooth transition!

For principals, vice-principals and school leadership teams, check out Pandemic Health Guide for Leading Effective Teaching, Learning and a Supportive Culture. The pandemic health protocols and the many management issues keep leaders mired on this agenda, while a focus on instruction gets pushed to the back burner. This user-friendly resource helps leaders work with their staff on the energizing work of teaching and helps sort out what should be on teachers' plates right now and what might come off. 

Application and Achieving Year-End Goals in Reading Workshop - Session 3 posted on November 30th

This is the third of three YouTube Reading Workshop videos with Syd Korsunsky. Syd explores the end game - how do we create lifelong readers? Specifically, teachers get support with the effective use of sharing circles and the limitations of literacy circles, how to have grand conversations with students, book titles that engage the middle year reader and finally inquiry through literature. Teachers are reminded that they can reach out to Syd for ongoing support and access to his online book. 

What's New with Networks

This is the list of all newly updated resources on the website for network participants as of April 20, 2021.


LITLEADSK-8: Building Literacy Leadership Across the Division with Faye Brownlie - Session 3

*This session includes a synchronous video and related resources. 

All resources can be found in the Network folder.


MATH3&4: Identifying and Teaching to Students Mathematical Gaps with Carole Fullerton - Session 3

MATH5&6: Identifying and Teaching to Students Mathematical Gaps with Carole Fullerton - Session 3

MATH7&8: Identifying and Teaching to Students Mathematical Gaps with Carole Fullerton - Session 3

MATH9&12 SE/SC: Building Thinking High School Math Classrooms with Dr. Peter Liljedahl - Session 2

MATH9&12 SW/SC: Building Thinking High School Math Classrooms with Dr. Peter Liljedahl - Session 2

*These sessions include asynchronous videos, synchronous videos and related resources.  

All resources can be found in the respective Network folder.

Numeracy Achievement Program

Foundational Quizzes #1-4, Solutions & Tracking Sheets Grades 5-9

French Foundational Quizzes #1-4 Grades 5-9

Foundational Quizzes #1-4 Distractor Rationales Grades 6-9

Instructional Organizers Grades 5-9

Plus Minus Action Plan Grades 5-9

French Plus Minus Action Plan Grades 5-9

Cognitive Levels in Mathematics Grades 5-9

2020 – 2021 Instructional Sequence of Prioritized Outcomes (in support of Recovery Learning) Grades 1-5

Numeracy Blackline Masters (anchor charts) Grades 1-6

NAP 2020-2021 Math Pacing Guide Grades 6-9

2020–2021 NAP Instructional Sequence of Prioritized Outcomes Grades 6-9

NAP Information Bulletin Grades 6-9

Foundational Outcomes Check-in Student and Teacher Copies Grades 6-9 

French Foundational Outcomes Check-in Student Copies Grades 6-9  

*All documents can be found in the respective NAP folders for grades 1-9.


BLEND9-12: Rethinking Quality Teaching Using a Blended Approach with Shauna Cornwall - Session 4 

BLEND5-8: Rethinking Quality Teaching Using a Blended Approach with Warren Nickerson Session 4  

*These sessions include powerpoints, webinars and related resources. 

All resources can be found in the respective Network folder