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Completed Projects!


Replace Test system and migrated over VM's
Windows 7 install/beta testing
Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Upgrade
Hyper-V deployment on 2008 Enterprise - Server & Server Core systems
WSUS (Windows Update) Server Deployment with Star Topography


Replace OpenOffice 3 with IBM Lotus Symphony 1.2 for standard office apps. (Win and Linux)
Migrate MDR servers to new hardware platform (64 bit Ubuntu Server 8.04)

OpenFire 3.10 beta (IM server) deployed with webSpark and Spark client
Webmin Linux Server Administration webclient managing entire Linux env.
Installation and Rollout of OpenBravo ERP - Ubuntu 8.10 Server
VB Scripting & GPO rollout for XP and Vista Desktop env for Printers, Shares, & settings.
Microsoft Project replaced with OpenProj (Win and Linux Desktops)
VMWare Server 2.0 Beta roleout
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS upgrade
Creation of ManifestDestinyRedux domain Windows Server 2008
WIndows Server 2008 VM instance
Money 2008 upgrade to Vista SP1
XP SP3 upgrade completed


Money 2008 migrated to VM instance (XP SP2)
VMWare Server 1.05 Roleout
Ubuntu 7.10 Roleout completed
Migrate home system from XP to Ubuntu 7.10

Replace PC/Server Imaging process with Windows Remote Deployment Server (difficult one man show)
VideoChat support for OpenFire (whew I'm already sweating this one)
Document Management? (you mean replace google docs???)
Disaster Recovery Planning for Linux environment (still need to pick the Backup app)
Migrate VB Logon Scripting to Group Policies
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Ticket NumberIssueResolutionDate OpenedDate ClosedCompleted
Ticket NumberIssueResolutionDate OpenedDate ClosedCompleted
1001 Intel Sound Card not responding on UBUNTU install Disabled SoundMax 2nd card and rebooted. February 1, 2008 February 1, 2008  
1002 reinstal of ALSA sound drivers removed UBUNUTU-DESKTOP!! Thought that US SIte down (I had activated a Proxy app that masked my IP and Site couldn't authenticate me to allow D/L) had to download alt install cd & run manual install of destop software February 1, 2008 February 2, 2008  
1003 Microsoft Money 2008/Linux compadiablity issue. M.S software will not function with WINE. Complexity of app design and heavy use of .DLL files prevents a workable config with WINE VMWARE Server ed. Downloaded, installed, Configured Virtual PC running XP SP2. segmented out 256 MB and 12GB for partition. Migrated MS Money 2008 and have been running OK for 30 days. February 2, 2008 February 2, 2008  
1004 Find decent game options (Linux native - NO WINE) 2.0 Found Alien Arena and UFO invasion on highly downloaded list on Played 3 hours woth. not bad but not keepers either February 2, 2008 February 16, 2008  
1005 MS Project and MS Visio replacements for no $$$ Searched net, found OPENPROJ and DIA highly recommended. download and installed. OpenProj had no problem importing and exporting MS-Proj files. I ran this soley as proj tool for a month. Will continue to use as Linux solution February 3, 2008 March 1, 2008  
1006 Find Linux Native Client for MMORPG (GW on Wine Sucks) Eve Online found for UBUNTU 7.10. Installed on 3.05.2008 Demo act opened an it's on! March 1, 2008 March 2, 2008  
1007 Ubuntu 8.04 LIVECD and WUBI installer won't launch due to Broadcom wireless driver error - Cancelled retry after official launch of heron Posted on forum. found bug report:  March 8, 2008 March 9, 2008  
1008 Migrate VM Money 2008 server from XP SP2 to Vista Ultimate. (Get with the times) Backed up Money 2008 Database (Vines 2008 2.0) wiped VMWare instance, Created Vista instance 2 Drive 10 GB and 10 GB respectively. reinstalled Money 2008 and restored DB. April 15, 2008 April 15, 2008  
1009 Window server 2008 installation demo. Install completed fine. Network drivers couldn't be found for Intel On-Board nic. Hardware isn't vista/svr 2008 compadiable. (VMWARE TOOLS was installed and bridged driver issues-RESOLVED) locate/install compadiable nic or load onto a compadiable platform config. Tried VM instance of server and same driver issue was found. VM Drivers won't bridge the gap. May 1, 2008 May 10, 2008  
1010 Upgrade VM - Vista Ultimate and WinServer 2008 Enterprise ED. VM instances. Upgrades were completed successfully. Copied VM instances to new directory (Rename and move not recommended per manual). Completed Vista 1st, 2008 2nd. Upgraded VM Tools and ensured correct Platforms were selected in configuration. Also turned off logging and debug for performance issues. May 24, 2008 May 24, 2008  
1011 Ubuntu 8.04 not compadiable with VMWARE server 1.5. (Upgrade to 2.0 - BETA) Previous upgrade to 2.0 failed on 7.10 Ubuntu (not compadiable). 2.0 TAR was already downloaded with proper license key. Install was successful. GUI was repalced with WEB BROWSER manager. Very slick! (Must upgrade VM instances) May 24, 2008 May 24, 2008  
1012 Ubuntu upgrade to Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS - Process will verify compadiablity with installed apps Successfully ran Upgrade. Download - 30 minutes. Install - 60 minutes. Process ran successfully. (VMWARE server no longer compadiable yikes) May 24, 2008 May 24, 2008  
1013 USB Support issues with VMWARE instances (Won't work with 1.5, maybe 2.0 will be better?) USB Driver option is active but devices don't show up. Need to backup Money files to USB Drive to ensure recovery. Upgraded VM Tools and USB drive is now seen by VM server 2.0. as active but Vista driver fails to load device.Rebooted PC, USB Driver functions fine now. May 25, 2008 May 25, 2008  
1014 MDR web URL (missing www.) resolves to intranet. (Fix CNAME resolution) you need a www cname record in DNS July 11, 2008   
1015 MDR server rebuild utilizing Ubuntu Server 8.04 ed. with Vista Dual Boot. Rebuild completed. Drive allocation corrected to allow over 170 GB's for Virutal Sessions on Ubuntu. Vista Ultimate will be utilized for home access and MS Money 2008. August 29, 2008 August 30, 2008  
1016 install VMWARE Server 2.0 Beta on new Linux server. allocate vm sessions for: Ubunut 8.04 svr w/ KDE3 desktop, Kubuntu pc KDE4, Window server 2008 Enterprise Ed., and Vista Ultimate sessions. Prep for OPEN ERP and SQL 2008 projects Completed online app, downloaded 2.0 for linux and windows. tested 2.0 on XP install and limitations were noted for IIS. XP/Vista were eliminated as test platforms due to this issue. Ubuntu 8.04 will be primary VM server base. August 31, 2008 September 1, 2008  
Showing 16 items