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Welding Safety Equipment

    When performing any kind of welding, make sure to wear all the necessary safety equipment such as welders helmet or mask, welding gloves and welding garments to avoid accidents and exposure to radiation.   Radiation is cumulative and over time will have detrimental results to your health, even if you plan on welding just for a few minutes, adding those minutes will catchup with you in time.

    Proper ventilation & ventilation equipment is of extreme importance and the work should be performed with support personnel trained to deal with emergencies.

    Additional safety gear must be in place before beginning work, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, sand buckets, water hoses, ect. are needed in place and be ready for use in the event that an accidental fire develops.

    The welding equipment to be used should be inspected every time prior to use and should be in working order,
should be avoided at all cost equipment such as: rotten gas hoses, deteriorated electrical extensions, welding machines with broken, rusted or busted enclosures, gas regulators with missing or busted parts, damaged torches.   This equipment will represent a safety hazard to the operator and any support personnel.

    Welding is not to be taken lightly, thou it can be accomplished safely and with a minimum of an investment the rewards can be high.   It is recommended that at least take a basic welding course and learn the basics before attempting to weld, it will save you time, effort and expense.

    If you have any doubts, consult with a professional.