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Wood Flooring Installation

An economical way to enhance the environment in any room in your home or business is adding Wood Flooring.   Wood Flooring will derive a sense of a peaceful environment in any room and the beauty of wood will enhance the looks of any room.

Mandrake Corporation
will install Wood Flooring in your room using only the finest materials and techniques in the Flooring Industry so the final product will be one that will make the owner very proud of the finished product.

In most cases, the new Wood Flooring can be installed over the existing floor, but in the eventuality that the existing floor needs to be repaired, Mandrake Corporation will use only the finest materials to repair the original floor so the new Wood Flooring can be properly installed in your room.

Finished Wood Floor Installation

Original Floor Being Prepared for Wood Flooring Installation

Wood Flooring and Underlainment Being Installed