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ADA Compliant Restroom

ADA Compliant Restroom


    Upgrading your Restroom to be ADA Compliant is one of the many Jobs that Mandrake Corporation can contract for your commercial or residential projects

For many years now, current local and federal regulations require for public locations to comply with ADA Regulations and designs.   While certainly part of the government sector has upgraded their locations, still the private sector has a lot to catch up.

Being ADA compliant opens your business to another market sector boosting your profits and the civic and sensitive approach will get you good will also.

Home owners can benefit from an upgrade too.  In cases like lodging a senior citizen or older family member, a family member victim of an accident or just thinking about commodity in your golden years, having an ADA Compliant Restroom is an asset to your home or business.

Remodeled ADA Compliant Restroom  

    Our team of trained professionals can handle the toughest of jobs, with more than 20 yrs of experience in the interior remodeling industry.  Our plumbers, masons and tile setters are well acquainted with the trade, providing on the spot solutions to common problems associated with interior remodeling.

    Our professionals only use the finest tools and techniques in the interior remodeling industry to assure the safety of our personnel and a quality end product to our clients.


Demolished Restroom                                                                            Old Obsolete Restroom                                                                             



1)       This is a complete or partial remodel according to each client preferences and requirements.

2)       All tile work on the example is with bullnose terminals and sanitary cove.

3)       All sanitary equipment is brand new ADA Compliant made in the USA Brands

4)       All restroom accessories are stainless steel made in the USA Brands when required by owner

5)       All Tile, Sanitary Equipment & Accessories must be approved by owner prior to installation

Emilio Ortiz,
Mar 1, 2012, 10:53 PM