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Basketball Courts Grandstands

Basketball Court Grandstands

Upgrading your Basketball Court with Grandstands is one of the many Jobs that Mandrake Corporation can contract for your commercial or community projects.

Concrete stands, are a valuable addition to any court since they will last longer than any metal stands and load capacity is multiplied many times over.  If designed with function in mind, you may use the space below the stands as storage area, concession stand and restrooms.

Our team of trained professionals can handle the toughest of jobs, with more than 20 yrs of experience in the concrete structures industry.  Our rebar workers, electricians, plumbers, masons and concrete workers are well acquainted with the trade, providing on the spot solutions to common problems associated with concrete structures completion.

Finished Concrete Grandstand for Basketball Court                     

Our professionals only use the finest tools, equipment and techniques in the concrete work and pouring industry to assure the safety of our personnel and a quality end product to our clients.

Concrete Stands with optimized storage area below

Concrete Stands with optimized storage area below                                            Sitting area ready to be poured


This is a complete structural concrete structure designed by engineers, constructed with the highest quality materials and techniques in the concrete structure construction industry.

All footings are new concrete specifically designed for each application, if replacing old concrete; all concrete must be demolished and removed.

New forms must be made for the new concrete.

As with any new concrete, chipping may occur if subjected to abuse.

All rebar and work needed for new structural concrete is provided at no additional cost.


Emilio Ortiz,
Mar 9, 2012, 3:10 PM