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Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

            Our maintenance services include:

Ø  Maintenance and Operations

Ø  Reliability Maintenance

Ø  Licensed Electricians

Ø  HVAC Technicians

Ø  Facility Maintenance

Ø  Mechanical Services

Ø  Plumbing Services

Ø  Drywall Repairs or Remodeling

Ø  Acoustic Ceiling Repairs or Replacement

Ø  Painting Services

Ø  Wood and Steel Door Maintenance/Repair/Replacement

Ø  Window Maintenance/Repair/Replacement

Ø  Tile Work

Ø  Flooring

Ø  Concrete Work Repair/Replacement

Ø  Concrete Resurfacing

Ø  Metal Deck Repair/Replacement

Ø  Duct Work Repair/Replacement/Relocation

Ø  Steel Erection Services

Ø  Landscaping

Ø  Site work

Ø  Masonry and Plaster Services

Ø  Demolition and Debris Disposition